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Henry Holt and Company

Henry Holt and Company

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Henry Holt and Company has published books by writers whose work endures through the ages, from the poetry of Robert Frost and classic novels by Robert Louis Stevenson, to bestsellers by Erich Fromm and Norman Mailer. Today the company continues to build upon its illustrious history by publishing bestselling, award-winning books in the areas of literary fiction, mysteries and thrillers, history, biography, politics, current events, science, psychology, and books for children and young adults.  In addition to the Henry Holt imprint, the company also publishes books under the Metropolitan Books, Times Books, Holt Paperbacks, and Henry Holt Books for Young Readers imprints.  Each imprint offers a distinctive list of books that contributes to the spectrum of views and voices that Henry Holt brings to readers of all ages each day.

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