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Kids and Teen Blog

Tag: Video

Learn To Speak Dance

by Kendal (Owlkids)
Kids / September 13, 2011

With over 800,000 people tuning in to the season 4 finale of So You Think You Can Dance Canada last weekend, I think we can safely assume there are a whole lot of Canadians out there fascinated by the world of dance. That’s not to say that everyone wants to take centre stage, though — maybe it’s the choreography that you find fascinating, or the costumes, or the lighting. Maybe it’s the judges’ banter you find entertaining, or you just love seeing all the different dance styles from around the world in action. Put simply, whether you’re a performer or not, dance is a pretty cool art form to explore. 

Luckily, Owlkids has got a book to help kids do just that.

Whether for an aspiring pro or a curious onlooker, Learn to Speak Dance by longtime dancer and dance teacher Ann-Marie Williams is a chance for kids to experience — and be inspired by — the world of dance as never before. They’ll learn how to choreograph steps, design costumes, mix dance styles, shoot a dance video...even about some of the careers available in the dance industry.

But this book isn’t an audition, a lecture, or a strict “how-to.” It’s just about having fun and seeing just how far your own two feet can move you! Check out this video starring four young students from the Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre in Toronto to see what I’m talking about. These young dancers got their hands on Learn to Speak Dance and worked with author Ann-Marie to put together this cool video:


The Vole Brothers

by Kendal (Owlkids)
Picture Books / August 12, 2011

One of the best things about being an Owlkids Books staffer is the complimentary issues of Chirp, chickaDEE, and OWL that land on my desk every month. Even better — I'm not supposed to take them home for my nieces and nephews — I'm supposed to read them! And, no, just in case you're wondering, there's nothing wrong with loving a magazine meant for preschoolers.

I always flip right to The Vole Brothers comic as soon as the newest Chirp arrives. They are so funny and cute! I mean, just take a look at this comic from our "Hairy" (hair-themed) issue:

The Vole Brothers

Luckily, our readers love them, too. So much, in fact, that this September The Vole Brothers are getting their very first picture book! Taking the voles from a monthly, 8-panel comic strip all the way to a 32-page picture book was an adventure for our editorial, design, and production teams, and, most of all, for creator Roslyn Schwartz!

Actually, it was such an adventure — arm-wrestling and many, many storyboards were involved — that we decided to put a short video about the process together. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the making of a great picture book by watching the trailer below!


Behind the Scenes of Day & Night with Teddy Newton

by Dan
Kids + Picture Books / September 02, 2010


In this neat video slideshow, Pixar Director Teddy Newton shares original sketches and thoughts about creating the picture book based on his short film, Day & Night:

Day & Night

by Dan
Kids + Picture Books / July 23, 2010

Day & Night Pixar cover

Opposites attract when Day meets Night and Night meets Day in the delightful new picture book Day & Night!

Available next month, the book is based on the Pixar short Day & Night, which which premiered with Toy Story 3.

In this video, Teddy Newton and the creative team behind Day & Night explain how they made the charming short: 

Cupcakes Fit for a Pink Princess

by Siobhan
Food & Drink / July 08, 2010

Don't all little girls love pink? And don't we ALL love cupakes?

In this video, the lovely Barbara Beery, author of the Pink Princess Cookbook series, demonstrates an adorable Pink Princess Cupcake -- complete with candy wands! -- with three of her princess friends.

Get the recipe for Pink Princess Cupcakes over on the Gibbs Smith blog.

Pink Princess Cupcakes
Pink Princess CookbookPink Ponies Cookbook

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer

by Dan
Fiction + Harry Potter + Kids / June 30, 2010

Not that you need reminding, but the first of the two-part movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released November 19, 2010:

Are you excited yet?

The Duck v Rabbit Debate Reaches the White House

by Siobhan
Kids / April 14, 2010

Easter is over, but the debate rages on... Is it a duck? Or a rabbit?

DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba took this important issue straight to the top. Here's a video of him at the White House:

OK, so DJ Lance was actually at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll to read from the book Duck! Rabbit! ... but he did resolve the debate, declaring, "So is it a duck? Is it a rabbit? It can be either, cause both are AWWWWWESOOOOOOOOOOME!!!" I don't think anyone can argue about that.