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Kids and Teen Blog

Tag: Art

New Releases: Kids Highlights November 2014

by Dan
Kids / November 11, 2014

We have three fabulous new nonfiction titles for kids available this month!

The Lonely Planet Kids World Atlas

Lonely Planet

Finally, Lonely Planet has made the Atlas kids have been waiting for!

With 160 pages of illustrated maps, engaging infographics, mind-blowing photography and a large dose of humour, this is the atlas that shows kids what the world is really like. Touching on popular culture, sports and school life, this will bring the world to life for kids aged 8 and up.



Ages 8+ 

Available Now

How to be a Space Explorer

Lonely Planet

Everything young explorers needs to know to travel in space, covering what life in zero gravity is like, how to find your way around the solar system, and the all-important question of how to pee in a spacesuit!

Unique illustrations take kids to the heart of the action and amazing photos show what the universe is really like.

Incredible stories of real-life space exploration for kids aged 8 and up, by author and astrobiologist Professor Mark Brake.


Ages 8+

Available Now

Henri Matisse

Meet the Artist!

Patricia Geis

Henri Matisse: Meet the Artist! takes young readers of all ages on a colorful interactive journey through the work of the beloved French painter and sculptor. Featuring flaps, cutouts, and pull tabs, this engaging pop-up book covers Matisse's entire artistic career, including his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and paper cutouts, as well as the story of his lifelong friendship with Pablo Picasso. With activities that encourage readers to explore the artist's signature methods, this hands-on introduction will inspire budding artists from eight to eighty.

Ages 7-12

Available Now

Hervé Tullet in Toronto Wednesday October 8th!

by Dan
Art & Photography + Kids / October 06, 2014

Mix It Up with Herve Tullet

Join Small Print Toronto in conjunction with Chronicle Books, the Avenue Road Arts School and Mabel's Fables on October 8th for a live event for kids with artist Hervé Tullet, the New York Times bestselling author of Press Here and Mix It Up!

Mix It Up! A Live Art Event for Kids 3-7 with Hervé Tullet
October 8 4:00PM - 5:00PM
The Great Hall

1087 Queen Street West
> Toronto, ON M6J 1H3
Tel: 647-341-5526

For FREE tickets go to: www.smallprinttoronto.org


by Jocelyne
Vancouver + YA Fiction / July 26, 2013

To celebrate the outstanding success of the Lunar Chronicles in Canada (and the imminent arrival of the much anticipated, Cress) our incredible in-house artist Lynne Fahnestalk created a Cinder Robot (which we Raincoasters have affectionately termed the “CinderBot”) to surprise author Marissa Meyer.

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to read Cinder, the first book in the Lunar Chronicles, Raincoast YA enthusiast Megan Radford summarizes it best:

Girl meets boy. Girl is cyborg, boy is prince of New Beijing, and, oh yeah, the world is being threatened by both a deadly plague and a race of eerie moon people who seem bent on intergalactic domination.

Cinder is a cyborg, a second-class citizen with a mysterious past who is both reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her sister’s illness. After becoming intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai, Cinder becomes caught in an intergalactic struggle. Cinder must uncover secrets about her own past in order to protect the future of the world.

Inspired by Cinder’s own mish-mash of bionic parts, Lynne used mostly upcycled metals to create the CinderBot. The body is a former desk lamp. The arms are a spoon, fork, and clockwork parts. Chainlink creates the illusion of Cinder’s spunky ponytail.

Congratulations to Marissa Meyer on the continued success of the Lunar Chronicles, and a big thanks to Lynne for her artistic vision!

The next book in the Lunar Chronicles series is Cress, set for release February 2014. You can read the first chapter of Cress here. To find out more about the Lunar Chronicles and Marissa Meyer, visit her website.

Lynne Fahnestalk is a two-time recipient of the Canadian Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement. To see more of her robot creations or to commission your own robot, visit http://www.smilingdragonflystudio.com/

Mom Minute- Bring out your inner Van Gogh this summer with Doodle Books!

by Crystal
Art & Photography + Kids + Parenting / June 22, 2011

This week I bring you another Mom Minute. Summer is here. School is almost out. Your kids need some great activities to keep them busy at home, on vacation, or on long road trips.

My suggestion? Doodle books! Bring out their inner Van Gogh with these fun activity books. One part coloring book, one part sketch journal, they are fun for audiences of all ages. Yes, I myself have one in my studio at home that I pull out when I want to bring out my inner creative child.

Want to give them a whirl? As a special treat I have two free downloadable doodle pages for you.

The first is from Johnny Joe's Coloring Book.  Roz Streeten is the creator of the Rosie Flo Coloring books and now she brings us Johnny Joe who is a bit more appealing for a male audience.



Our second download is from PocketDoodles for Young Artists. These books are the perfect size to tuck in your back pocket or throw in a purse, bag or backpack to take on the go. Plus they come in a variety of themes. Your girly girls will love the PocketDoodles for Princesses, and look out for Monster Doodles for Kids coming this fall just in time for Halloween.   


Want to download these doodle pages? Click on the photos to be brought to larger sized pdfs that you can print out!

Happy Doodling!


Have You Met Noonie?

by Crystal
Art & Photography + Contests + Kids / March 23, 2010

Have you been introduced to Noonie yet? If not you are in for a great treat! Noonie is the main character of Chronicle Books new kids' fiction title Noonie's Masterpiece. A 10-year-old aspiring artist stuck living with an aunt, uncle, and cousin who clearly don't recognize her genius.

Here... get to know her!

Isn't she great? Don't you just love her?

One of my favourite things about Noonie's Masterpiece is that all of those amazing illustrations that you just saw in the trailer video are in the book! Yep that's right it is filled througout with gorgeous colour illustrations!

Want to be inspired by Noonie? Why not download a free Noonie Art Sheet?

Not only that but comment below with what artist inspires you and you could win a free copy of Noonie's Masterpiece along with a Purple Pigma Micron Pen just like the one that Sarajo Frieden used to illustrate the book! Contest closes April 23rd.

The Mad Hatter’s Art Party

by Siobhan
Art & Photography + Events + Film + Kids / March 02, 2010

Tim Burton's much-anticpated Alice in Wonderland movie comes out this Friday. I can't wait to see it; there's something really intriguing about new artistic interpretations inspired by classic children's books.

Crystal has already blogged about Chronicle's new edition of Alice in Wonderland -- which includes the story alongside a collection artwork by many artists who have illustrated the story in the 145 (!!!) years since the book was originally published.

I also wanted to share links to these two art shows that are also on now, featuring Alice-inspired art:

"Two Days Slow" opens March 4th at Canteen Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario.

"Curiouser and Curiouser" opened last week at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California -- you can see artwork in the show online.

I read about these two shows on the blog Picture Book Report, which is itself a celebration of brilliant, classic children's books, revisiting and renewing them with new artwork:

Picture Book Report is an extended love-song to books. Fifteen illustrators will reach out to their favorite books and create wonderful pieces of art in response to the text that has moved them, shaped them, or excited them.

Doodle, Scribble and Squiggle with Taro Gomi

by Siobhan
January 27, 2010

I was lucky enough to be in the Chronicle Books offices in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, when who should stop in but one of my favourite illustrators, Taro Gomi!

He was really lovely - and much admired by the crowd; he received a standing ovation from everyone in the room.

Here's a short video of Taro Gomi's visit, taken by a Chronicle staffer.

Taro Gomi is the creator of a ton of really fun - and funny! - colouring and activity books: Doodles, Scribbles, Squiggles, Doodle All Year. These books are perfect for kids of all ages - and I've also given some copies away as presents to adults, who have enjoyed them just as much (if not more!).

He's also the author of some great picture books, including Bus Stops, Spring is Here, My Friends - which includes a drawing of a karate-chopping gorilla that makes me laugh every time.

Taro Gomi's new book coming out in March 2010 is called Doodle 123!


You can download a few sample colouring pages from Scribbles and Doodles from the Chronicle website.