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Things That Make You Say, “Awww!”

by Guest
Kids / September 20, 2011

A guest post by Bart King

Cute Bart King

Writing Cute! A Guide to All Things Adorable (for readers 9-13 and immature adults) put me in an analytical frame of mind whenever I saw a baby or a duckling. This led me to conclusions about what we find cute. And if you’re good, I’ll share some of them with you. grin

For this guest blog post (thanks Raincoast Books!), I thought I’d consider the very first thing I saw today that I found cute. And here it is:

Cute Kids

My friend took this photo after her son’s Boy Scout troop lost a sailboat racing tournament (hence his tragic expression). But just as the portrait of his grief was snapped, the Scout’s sister joyously photobombed it.

I find this cute, and perhaps you agree with me. But why? What is it about this shot that makes us respond with an “Awww!”? First, just by virtue of being YOUNG, these two kids get automatic Cuteness Points. A scientist named Konrad Lorenz studied cuteness and found that almost everyone automatically thinks babies are cute. It doesn’t stop there. Anything that even LOOKS like a baby is also cute. As a child ages, he or she looks less like a baby, but there are enough reminders (chubby cheeks, smooth skin, large noggins) that we are still favorably predisposed to kids like these two.

But CONTRAST is the main reason I find this photo cute. It turns out that contrast can really enhance cuteness. So because a little girl is little, she’ll look really cute if she holds something BIG. That means a five-year-old girl holding a giant inflatable killer whale is probably cuter than if she were just standing there empty-handed.

Cute Kid / Credit Jennifer Kallis

image credit Jennifer Kalis

Anytime a little kid wears something big , the contrast is funny AND cute. Like little boys in football uniforms: No matter how well the equipment fits, those helmets always look too large. Cute! And here, this young man is in an official scouting uniform. He’s engaged in some official business regarding a small sailboat. But his thousand-yard stare is SO serious, we can’t take him seriously. And he is obviously utterly unamused by his sister’s antics. For her part, the grinning ginger jester provides a perfectly contrasting counterpoint . . . and it’s just darned cute!

In conclusion, please buy my book. It’s the cutest thing you can do today.