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Poet Laureate George Bowering

by monique t
News / November 08, 2005

rob mclennan recently finished editing a feature on Vancouver writer George Bowering, which now appears on Australia's online mag Jacket.

The feature can be viewed at http://jacketmagazine.com/28/index.html#bow and includes new writing by Rob Budde, David W. McFadden, Aaron Belz, Lionel Kearns, rob mclennan, Kent Johnson & George Bowering.

George Bowering, Canada's first Poet Laureate, is the author of two books published by Raincoast. Left Hook: A Sideways Look at Canadian Writing and Changing on the Fly: The Best Poems of George Bowering.

Blog On: We Are Iran Hits Bookstores

by monique t
News / November 07, 2005

The Independent ran a great article on 28 October: "Boyd Tonkin: An epoch-making shift in the literary landscape."

One of the main points was that despite the current alarm about digitizing books, online material is nevertheless offering print publishers a fount of inspiration.

We Are Iran is held up as one example. Translated from Farsi to English by Nasrin Alavi, We Are Iran (published by Raincoast in Canada, Soft Skull in the US and Portobello in the UK) is a multi-voiced portrait of contemporary Iran, using that nation's weblogs as its primary source.

The article describes We Are Iran as an "eye-opening collage of extracts from the (roughly) 64,000 Farsi-language bloggers now at work in Iran, threaded by Alavi's illuminating analysis."

The title aims to tease, and to provoke. This online Iran--young, liberal, freedom-seeking and rights-hungry--sounds a world away from the electorate which, this spring, gave a presidential mandate to the Islamist hardliner, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Toronto's Hossein Derakhshan, the man credited with bringing blogging to Iran, makes a similar comment in his November 5 blog posting.

It's a nice co-incidence that We Are Iran, the book about Iranian blogs by Nasrin Alavi, has published on the eve of the fifth anniversary of Persian blogging. Now we can show the world that Ahmadinejad is not representing Iran. We are what the new Iran is these days."

In We Are Iran, Alavi's expert commentary, English translations and thematically organized compilation of blog posts allow readers to eavesdrop on the conversations of an otherwise closed society.

Soft Skull has also mentioned that Nasrin Alavi will guestblog around the end of November. If you're interested in We Are Iran, Nasrin is available as a guest blogger or for online interviews. Perhaps a Virtual Book Tour, a la Kevin Smokler? Contact Monique at Raincoast dot com for review copies or guest blogging details.

Girl Culture

by monique t
November 07, 2005

Lauren Greenfield has an excellent interactive site for her book Girl Culture.

Lauren Greenfield is a renowned photographer whose work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, New Yorker and Harper's Bazaar. In Girl Culture she reveals the exhibitionist nature of modern femininity and how far it has drifted from the feminine ideologies of the past. Girl Culture combines a photojournalist's sense of story with fine-art composition and colour to create an intelligent exploration of girls in contemporary North American life.

Lauren Greenfield's website is a fantastic companion to the book, complete with photos, interviews and Quicktime sound bytes.

Name a New Species Contest

by monique t
News / November 04, 2005

cover of Strange New SpeciesKids across Canada and the U.S. are invited to name a new species.

What is the new species?
Currently, 1.7 million species have been identified on Earth but scientists estimate the total number of species at 5 million to 10 million.

The new species to be named was found in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. This microbe is part of a group of organisms called extremophiles, so named because of their ability to survive in extreme environmental conditions that would kill humans in seconds flat. More specifically, this organism is classified as a halophile or salt-loving microorganism because it thrives in water ten times saltier than the sea.

The new species was identified in 2004 by 21 year-old college student Ashlee Allred, part of a team of scientists--led by American biochemist Dr. Bonnie Baxter--who are doing research on life in extreme environments, on Earth and other planets.

Name a New Species Contest
Contest runs: November 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006
Open to Canadians and Americans, ages 7 to 15
Winner will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2006

For full details visit the Maple Tree Press Contest pages.

The Book: Strange New Species
The Name A New Species Contest is held in conjunction with the release of the groundbreaking new children's book, Strange New Species: Astonishing Discoveries of Life on Earth, by Dr. Elin Kelsey.

For more information visit Maple Tree Press.

Bitter with Baggage and Going for the Bronze

by monique t
November 04, 2005

The tiny yellow chickens in Sloane Tanen's colourful dioramas have more personality than most humans can spare.

Check out this “hen party.” It's the new “chick-lit.”

Visit the Bitter With Baggage site and send an e-card

Still Bitter? Have more Baggage?

Check out the follow-up book Going for the Bronze.

Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same by Sloane Tanen

Going for the Bronze: Still Bitter, More Baggage by Sloane Tanen

Seth was in the Building

by monique t
Graphica + News / November 02, 2005

"Wimbledon Green is an excellent comic romp, and will seem all too familiar to collectors and the people that love (or loath) them." (Publishers Weekly)

"[Wimbledon Green] is pretty darn funny." (The Comics Reporter)

Seth was at the Raincoast building today signing copies of his new book Wimbledon Green: The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World. And I have a signed copy! Not your typical signed copy either, it has an illustration, as is only fitting.

If you covet a signed copy of your own, Seth is in Vancouver tonight for a book signing at Sophia Books.

Sophia Books
450 W. Hastings St
6 pm (event is free)

As Seen on TV

by monique t
News / November 01, 2005

Raincoast Books distributes books by BBC Worldwide.

Did you see it on TV? Now you can get the books in Canada.

Browse the selection of BBC books including cookbooks by Delia Smith and Rick Stein, comedy such as EastEnders and The Office, and Home & Garden titles from Changing Rooms, The Life Laundry and Ground Force.

Fall into Cooking

by monique t
News / November 01, 2005

The Amazon.ca promotion "Fall into Cooking" features 2 Raincoast titles:

#4 in the Food Lit category is Don't Try This At Home: Culinary Catastrophes from the World's Greatest Cooks and Chefs, edited by Kimberly Witherspoon and Andrew Friedman

Even the best cooks in the world have had their monumental disasters. Anthony Bourdain is one of 30 culinary geniuses recounting outrageous and unbelievable stories in this collection. From hiring a blind line-cook to brawling with a head-butting chef these stories confirm that disaster can strike the experts too.

#3 in the Entertaining category and also #5 in the Chef Inspired category is At Home with Michael Chiarello: Easy Entertaining, Recipes, Ideas, Inspiration, by Michael Chiarello and photographs by Karl Petzke.

Michael Chiarello was named Chef of the Year by the Culinary Institute of America and Food & Wine magazine. In his latest book, Chiarello offers simple southern Italian-inspired recipes perfect for everyday entertaining: Crispy Sausage-Stuffed Olives, Tomato Water Martinis, and Vertical Roasted Chicken Cocorico.

Cover image of Don't Try This at Home Cover image of At Home with Michael Chiarello

Buy the Book

Hay House Radio: Radio for the Soul

by monique t
News / October 31, 2005

Listen Live to Hay House Radio: Radio for the Soul

HayHouseRadio.com features live broadcasts and call-in shows, and if you've missed a program check the archive for streaming audio, downloadable MP3s and podcasts.

Show hosts include Crystal Andrus, Sylvia Browne, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Caroline Myss, Doreen Virtue and many others.

Raincoast Works with At Large Media on a Podcast for The Highest Tide

by monique t
October 28, 2005

Raincoast Books is pleased to be working with At Large Media on a podcast for author Jim Lynch and his book The Highest Tide.

Listen to Jim Lynch in this excerpt from the podcast (MP3).

Thirteen-year-old Miles O'Malley is the first person to ever encounter a live giant squid, but it's not the first or the last of Miles' discoveries.

I think when the ocean spits interesting stuff up on the beach it might be sending us postcards we don't know how to read yet.

Enter to win a signed copy of The Highest Tide:
Visit Raincoast.com and mention you saw this posting.

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