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Rights and Permissions

The Raincoast Books’ publishing department ceased to publish new books in 2008. The rights to many books published by Raincoast have now reverted to their authors.

Raincoast cannot grant permission to use content we no longer have rights for, nor can we provide contact information for authors we no longer represent.

Steps for Gaining Permissions:

  1. Check if the book is still in print at Raincoast
  2. Please submit your permissions request to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  3. All permission requests must include:
    • The material from our book you wish to reproduce
    • Title, author and ISBN of the Raincoast book
    • Title, author and publisher of your publication
    • Expected page count of your publication
    • Territory of distribution for your publication (US, North America, World, etc.)
    • Expected publication date
    • Price of your publication
    • Contact information

All re-printed material must run with the following attribution:
“Reprinted by permission from Raincoast Books”

Requests will take 4 to 6 weeks to process once we have received all the necessary information.

We will not contact you if any of the above information is not included in your original request nor will we contact you until the permissions process is complete.

Raincoast does not have electronic formats available for re-sale or distribution.

For books distributed by Raincoast, permissions must be granted directly by the originating publisher. Raincoast will not seek permissions for third parties.

All materials published by Raincoast Book Distribution Ltd. are protected under copyright law.