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Tag: Lonely Planet

Last minute Father’s Day book ideas

by Danielle
Board Books + Food & Drink + Humour + Parenting / June 18, 2015

It's not too late!

Here's some great titles we think would be a great fit for your dad, or husband, or some great guy you know with children! All available at your local bookshop. List is a bit long but hey, what can we say? We have lots of books to offer!

Lonely Planet New Country Guide Apps

by Natalia
Travel / April 18, 2012

It's always fun to see the interesting ways that Lonely Planet is expanding into the app marketplace.  Their offline translation apps are some of the niftier apps I've ever heard of—real-time translation on the go in the foreign country?  The future is here, people!

Lonely Planet is now launching a series of new country guide apps, available as stand-alones and within the Lonely Planet Travel Guides app.  Speaking as someone who's lugged her heavy Lonely Planet Ireland halfway across the country and back, I couldn't be more excited about this expansion.

Check it out in the app store!

Win a copy of the World’s Best Street Food

by Natalia
Food & Drink + Travel / April 09, 2012

The street is where you'll find the heart of a cuisine and a culture—somewhere among the taco carts and noodle stalls, the scent of wood fires and the hubbub of fellow diners.  It's the most democratic food in the world, gratifying and completely delicious!

Head on over to Zoomer where you can win a copy of Lonely Planet's The World's Best Street Food.  View some of the tempting treats you could be enjoying here!


Lonely Planet releases free Christchurch download

by Natalia
Travel / January 26, 2012

One of the things I like about working in the publishing industry is the long lead times: in an age of 24-hour newscasts and instantaneous gratification, publishers are unique in producing reflective, sustained, intelligent coverage of hot button issues.

But the glacial pace of traditional publishing has its drawbacks—I remember working on a book once that took a decade to move from conception to printing—and of course this is particularly problematic in travel publishing.

Case in point: Lonely Planet's 16th edition of the New Zealand travel guide is due to be published in September, but because it was written before last February's earthquake, the current edition is of limited use on the ground.

So this week Lonely Planet is releasing a free download of the Christchurch chapter on its website.  The chapter, researched by Brett Atkinson in December, is the first Christchurch guide to be released since the earthquake, and Lonely Planet is taking the unusual step of making it available eight months ahead of the guide's official release. 

Kudos to Lonely Planet for being nimble enough to get the most up-to-date post-quake travel information out to travellers as quickly as possible!

Any Canadian travellers planning a trip to New Zealand can find out more about the book here.

Lonely Planet partners with UN to give relief workers vital information

by Natalia
News + Travel / October 03, 2011

There was lots of excitement in the office last Friday over some big news from Lonely Planet: in celebration of World Tourism Day, Lonely Planet is announcing a new partnership with the United Nations to provide information for first responders in humanitarian emergencies.  Staff from UN agencies deployed in the event of a disaster will be able to use Lonely Planet’s information to help them familiarize themselves with the country before traveling.

"Lonely Planet's expert content makes it easier for humanitarian workers to hit the ground running in unfamiliar environments," said Gwi-Yeop Son, Director of Corporate Programmes at OCHA. "We value Lonely Planet's commitment to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute information for our teams on the ground."

“Lonely Planet’s mission is to provide trustworthy and informative content about a destination,” said John Boris, Executive Vice President of Lonely Planet Americas.  “Our unique, in-depth information will empower the teams of humanitarian workers to learn quickly about the areas they are working in and the people they will be assisting.”

This is wonderful news, and a huge vote of confidence in the quality of Lonely Planet's information.  Congrats to Lonely Planet!

You can read more about the partnership here.

New Lonely Planet Translation apps!

by Natalia
News + Travel / September 28, 2011

This past week I’ve been on vacation in San Francisco, my first trip outside Canada in some time.   Heading back to work this morning through familiar streets, armed with my cell phone, bus pass, and a steaming mug of home-brewed coffee, I was struck by the conveniences of being a local.  The everyday practicalities of travel can be frustrating—tracking down wifi, finding a pay phone, dealing with public transit—all these small details of life which you wouldn’t give a second thought at home can become a big hassle in an unfamiliar city.

So I was excited when I heard about Lonely Planet’s latest offering to beleaguered travellers: The Lonely Planet Offline Translator, available on Android and iOs.  From the Lonely Planet folks:

The perfect travel companion, Lonely Planet Offline Translator acts as your own personal translator, providing bespoke translations based on what the user has typed or spoken into the phone. Unlike other language translation apps, Lonely Planet Offline Translator is completely offline, which means it can be used anywhere with no data/roaming fees or connection delays.

Initially launching in eight languages, the app translates words, phrases or whole sentences into immediate audio or text translations. Designed specifically for travelers, the app utilizes over 40,000 words for its translations. It also features a completely searchable dictionary.

I love travel apps, and this one sounds pretty nifty—to my mind, this make much more sense than lugging around a heavy dictionary everywhere you go.  What do you all think? Ever used the Lonely Planet apps abroad?

Happy travels everyone!

Win a Trip for Two to Paris!

by Dan
Contests + Travel / July 26, 2011

Lonely Planet Paris Contest

Psst... Do you know what this is? 

If you've got an idea about what exactly it might be, enter at Chapters-Indigo online for a chance to win a luxury trip for two to Paris (PARIS!) from Lonely Planet and Air Canada Vacations.

Not sure yet? Follow the clues through July 29th on the Chapters-Indigo Facebook page. They'll reveal more & more of the image each day!

lonely planet paris guides

(You can find the contest rules here)

Lonely Planet Comes To The Aid Of Stranded Traveler’s With Free City Guide iPhone Apps

by Crystal
Environment + News + Travel + Vancouver / February 02, 2011

Lonely Planet is once again coming to the aid of travelers stranded across Canada and the US do to snowstorms! For 72 hours Lonely Planet is offering 14 of it's iPhone City Guide apps for free.

“We recognize that travelers are stuck all over the country due to these recent storms and will need access to our content”, said John Boris, Lonely Planet’s Managing Director. “Thus, we made all our USand CanadianiPhoneCityGuide apps free so that regardless of whether they are stuck in a blizzard or on the beach, they can easily download the practical information and recommendations we provide straight onto their phone”. 

The 14 guides will be free in the iTunes App Store from 5pmPST on Tuesday, February 1st to 5pmPST Friday, February 4th 2011.


The cities available are:

·         San Francisco

·         New York City

·         Boston

·         Washington DC

·         Chicago

·         Seattle

·         New Orleans

·         Vancouver

·         Las Vegas

·         Miami

·         Toronto

·         Los Angeles

·         Montreal

·         Fort Myers & Sanibel


Lonely Planet has a history of helping stranded travelers, having offered their EuropeaniPhoneCityGuide apps free during the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull and again during the Christmas snowstorms. This is the first time they’ve offered their US or Canadian city guides for free.

Favourite Books 2010: Crystal Allen

by Crystal
Kids + News + Travel / December 17, 2010

Those who know me well consider me to be a bad girl, a rebel if you will. I think that is why they hired me as a Children's Book Publicist here at Raincoast, to give it a bit more edge. Rules? Ha! I laugh in the face of rules. So when Dan Wagstaff our dashing (yes dashing! Have you heard Dan's English accent?) Online Marketing Specialist asked us all to come up with our favorite 3 books of 2010 I said "No way! I'm choosing 5!" So here they are, in no particular order, Crystal Allen's Favorite Raincoast Books of 2010!

Out of SightOut of Sight
Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais
Chronicle Books ISBN 9780811877121

I remember the first time I heard about this book I thought "Oh that sounds like it will be pretty good!" Then I saw it and it and I was absolutely blown away! If you want to buy one book this year that will be enjoyed by everyone in your family from ages 6 months (with supervision) to 100 this is the book. The animal kingdom comes alive with over 50 known and unknown creatures from around the world. With lift the flaps and pop ups this 11 inch by 15 inch book is not only beautiful but it will also keep a child entertained for hours. And it's only $22.95 which gives you a lot of bang for your gift giving buck!


Travel BookThe Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World
Robert Reid
Lonely Planet ISBN 9781741792119

My husband and I were given the first edition of The Travel Book for a wedding present back in 2006. Too poor to travel the world we often pull this tomb out and armchair travel for an evening. The book has 229 countries & destinations to explore each laid out over a two page full color spread. My very favorite part of the book is that each destination has recommendations on something to Read, Listen To, Watch, Eat and Drink to help experience the country. Then it sums up each country in one word. One of my favorites is Tahiti who's word is Haere Maru which means Take It Slow.


Alphabeasties Amazing ActivitiesAlphabeasties Amazing Activities
Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss
Blue Apple ISBN 9781609050412

One of my favorite book of 2009 was Alphabeasties, a book that explored all the different types of fonts and turned them into animals made out of combinations of different typefaces. From an alligator made of A's to a Zebra made of Z's the book took fonts blocky, small, thick, tall, roundish, slope-y fancy and dopey and brought them to life. For 2010 we have the sequel to the book Alphabeasties Amazing Activities which is packed full of mazes, word searches, rebus puzzles and other intellectual play plus 300 stickers and the really cool animals. It's a must have not only for kids but also for design nerds... or want to be design nerds... like me.

I had the opportunity to work with 2 fabulous authors in 2010 for their Canadian Tours and I would be remise if I did not mention their books on my list.

Ivy + Bean What's The Big Idea?The first was the lovely Annie Barrows who visited Vancouver and did 3 events plus a bookseller & librarian lunch all in one day for her new book Ivy and Bean What's The Big Idea. The Ivy and Bean books are my very favorite chapter book series about two girls who are neighbors and best friends and get into all kinds of mischief together. My favorite books as a child were the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary and these take me right back to those days. Like the Ramona books the Ivy and Bean books have huge fans that are both female and male. I expected a ton of little girls to gush over Annie during the day that I spent with her but I was pleasantly surprised to see how many little boys were huge fans as well!


Big Book of Gross StuffThe second author we had in Canada was the hilarious and delightful Bart King who visited Toronto to promote his book The Big Book Of Gross Stuff. Bart was on Breakfast Television and fried up some worms for a little breakfast treat and had a great time sharing gross facts from around the world on YTV's The Zone. Farts, poop, boogers, maggots, vomit, head cheese and just about every other gross thing you can think of are explored in this book so it will delight boys (and we have to admit girls too) with it's grossness. The thing that parents will love? Bart is a middle school teacher so while kids think they are reading about all this nasty stuff that would churn grownups stomachs they are actually being tricked into learning a lot of really great things!

Bart King BT Toronto

So that's my list of my favorite books of 2010! I think there is something for just about anyone that you may have on your gift list! Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

Crystal AllenCrystal Allen is the Children's and Travel Publicist at Raincoast books. As much as she would like to think of herself as a bad girl, she really isn't. She is also mama to 2 year old Isabella and the owner of Lilikoi Lane where she makes and designs really cool shirts for kids!

Favourite Books 2010: Peter MacDougall

by Dan
Architecture + Food & Drink + News + Travel / December 15, 2010

Modern NorthModern North: Architecture on the Frozen Edge
Julie Decker
Princeton Architectural Press ISBN 9781568988993

This is a beautiful coffee table book—typical of Princeton Architectural Press—celebrating modern architecture from northern countries around the world. It's accessible enough for people like me who have a passing interest in architecture, but there's enough detail to satisfy the professionals. The book is packed with more than 30 examples of residential and commercial modern architecture projects from Iceland, Alaska, Finland, Norway and several projects in our own north. Also included is a great piece from Globe and Mail architecture columnist Lisa Rochon, titled "Canadian Architecture and the North" excerpted from her 2005 book Up North: Where Canada's Architecture Meets the Land (Key Porter).


Tartine BreadTartine Bread
Chad Robertson
Chronicle Books ISBN 9780811870412

This is a stunning package from Chronicle Books by Chad Robertson—dubbed by some in the baking world as the Jesus of Bread-Making. I'm not even a big bread fan and I love this book. Tartine Bread should satisfy everyone from the armchair foodies, to people that just want to learn how to bake amazing bread, to the master class who want to pick up some new tips. Chad Robertson likes surfing and baking bread and he's super handsome. Watch the book trailer. Seriously, it rules: 


Travel bookThe Travel Book. A Journey Through Every Country in the World
Robert Reid
Lonely Planet ISBN 9781741792119

The 'The' in the title pretty much sums this one up. It is the travel book. A big, over-sized coffee table book with a page spread devoted to every country in the world. Beautiful photos on one page, facts, geography and trivia on the facing page. I feel sorry for your coffee table without it. 


Pete MacDougallPete MacDougall is Raincoast's National Accounts Manager. His dog Thomas is the Chairman of the Board. 

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