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Tag: Illustration

Hervé Tullet in Toronto October 8, 2014!

by Dan
Events + Kids / October 02, 2014

Mix It Up with Herve Tullet

Join Small Print Toronto in conjunction with Chronicle Books, the Avenue Road Arts School and Mabel's Fables on October 8th for a live event for kids with artist Hervé Tullet, the New York Times bestselling author of Press Here and Mix It Up!

Mix It Up! A Live Art Event for Kids 3-7 with Hervé Tullet
October 8 4:00PM - 5:00PM
The Great Hall

1087 Queen Street West
> Toronto, ON M6J 1H3
Tel: 647-341-5526

For FREE tickets go to: www.smallprinttoronto.org

The Secret Garden and the Joy of Colouring Books

by Chelsea
Art & Photography + Craft / February 21, 2014

There's something magical about Johanna Basford's Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book. The intricate black and white illustrations are gorgeous on their own, but the real beauty is in how everyone who colours in the pages will create something uniquely theirs. When I found out that my very crafty friend Stefanie received a copy for Christmas, I couldn't wait to see her progress through the pages.

Did you use colouring books as a kid? What's it like to come back to it now?

Yes! I was kind of a fanatic. My mom used to come home with stacks of them, mainly Barbie themed. I used to have coloring competitions with my next door neighbour, and I was pretty competitive about it. 

There was a definite sense of nostalgia coming back to a coloring book as an adult, but it's a obviously a little bit different. The pages are so well illustrated that I feel like I'm a part of creating something so beautiful, way beyond my own artistic capabilities. 

What kinds of drawing materials have you used (pencils, pens)? Which do you like best?

So far I've just used pencil crayons. I have a mismatched collection from several years ago, but they do the trick! My husband also gave me a small set of erasable pencil crayons that have been fun to use. One thing I haven't tried yet is coloured pens or markers. I think ink would work really well for some of the illustrations. 

What's your favourite part about filling in the pages?

I feel as though I am making these garden scenes really come to life. They are already so incredibly beautiful as black and white illustrations, but with a bit of colour, they turn into these lively scenes. There's also this scavenger hunt surprise factor to the book - I always end up finding little creatures within the lines of the trees and leaves. 

Do you have a colouring method, or is it random?

I don't have a specific colouring pattern, but I do like to have a plan of action before I start each page. I'll plan out all the colours I want to use before I get going. The illustrations are so detailed, sometimes beginning a page can be overwhelming. There are some really detailed pages I'll probably never touch. Working from the top to the bottom, or the bottom to top is also really fun. 

What do you get out of the experience, other than a pretty picture?

It's a nice way to relax and an easy way to feel creative without getting into a big project.

My Favourite Books of 2013, Chelsea Newcombe

by Chelsea
Art & Photography + Food & Drink / December 16, 2013

Well-Read Women

Well-Read Women

It's hard to pinpoint exactly why I love Well-Read Women so much, because it draws from the many reasons why certain books become important to me: liveliness, nostalgia, sadness, beauty, and memorable characters. Samantha Hahn's ethereal watercolour portraits of literature's leading ladies are juxtaposed against one of their signature quotes, and it makes for a gorgeous read. Anne Shirley is my absolute favourite ("Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?")


There is a special place in my heart for the Burgoo restaurant. I have memories of being there with friends, family, and even right after I graduated from college. Half-starved after the long ceremonial affair that is a UBC English Department graduation ceremony (there were many of us), my parents asked where I wanted to get lunch. Easy answer: "Burgoo!" No one does comfort food better, and thanks to their cookbook now everyone can bring it home. We're in Raincouver after all, and sometimes the only cure for the grey sky blues is cheesy biscuits and a hearty stew.

Chelsea Newcombe, Sales Associate

Michael Cho at Type Books May 23rd

by Dan
Art & Photography + Events + Graphica / May 10, 2012

Toronto-based illustrator and hometown hero Michael Cho will be signing copies of his new book Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes 6pm–8pm on May 23rd at Type Books on Queen Street West near Trinity Bellwoods Park. TYPE will also be featuring a gallery show of selected work from the book. 

Backalleys Michael Cho

Michael began creating drawings of the back alleys near his Toronto home in 2008. Collected together in this book, the work speaks to the beauty of the urban landscape: sometimes gritty and citified, sometimes unexpectedly pastoral, but always beautifully rendered. Michael is a brilliant draftsman, and Back Alleys shines with loving attention to detail – from expletive-filled graffiti splayed across backyard fences to the graceful twists of power lines over a bend in the road. 

Michael Cho Back Alleys

Last weekend, Michael joined a host of other super-talented cartoonists – including Kate Beaton, Guy Delisle and Tom Gauld to name a few  signing books at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival at the Toronto Reference Library. Unsurprisingly (in retrospect!) Backalleys was in big demand and we sold out of the book in no time at all, so make sure you come by early on the 23rd if you are want to get your hands on a copy! 

Michael Cho
Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes
Book signing featuring a gallery show of selected work

@ TYPE Books
883 Queen Street West, Toronto
May 23rd, 6pm - 8pm

Anders Nilsen Big Questions

by Dan
Graphica / August 16, 2011

Big Questions Tour Poster

Big Questions is cartoonist Anders Nilsen's newest book. But it is also his oldest, collecting together the mini-comic he first started in 1999 into a single volume.

The mini-comics took 10 years to complete, but as Ander's recently told Comic Book Resources, that was just the beginning a long process to bring them together for the book:

I finished the last issue somewhere around September-October and then after that, there was a good six months that was just editing. I think out of all of those pages, probably ninety percent or more have some changes, even if it was just moving a word balloon over or adding a word there. It turned into this giant editing process. I didn't redraw much. I added a few pages. I added one scene in the body of the book and then extended the material from the last two issues. I think I added ten or so pages to the end of the book. There were some deadlines which I did not quite make. I think the book was originally supposed to come out in May for TCAF, which did not happen. That process was just crazy labor intensive and it wasn't the fun part of coming up with the story and doing the drawings. When I was finally done with that, I was definitely exhausted and just slept for a couple days.

Big Questions Cover

After all that, Big Questions, finally done, is over 600 pages long and a stunningly beautiful book. It is also now available from bookstores and Anders is touring to promote it. You can read a PDF preview at Drawn & Quarterly's website, but here are a couple of the pages from book to whet your appetite: 

Big Questions Page

Big Questions Page 2


In The Wilds

by Dan
Art & Photography / May 09, 2011

In The Wilds

I just cannot stop talking about the beautiful In The Wilds, recently published by Princeton Architectural Press!It's a collection of obsessively detailed hand-drawn observations of rural life by Irish artist and illustrator Nigel Peake. It's just a small hardcover (6" x 8" and 144 pages), but just so lovely!

If you haven't seen Nigel's work before (he has worked with the likes of Ninja Tune and Dwell Magazine), here are some illustrations from the book: 

In The Wilds Interior

In the Wilds Interior

In The Wilds Interior


Bicycle Travel Journal Bicycle Travel Journal also featuring Nigel's illustrations will be published by Laurence King later this year.

The journal will be designed by Roger Fawcett-Tang of Struktur Design and will include 20 illustrations, blank pages to write on and 16 envelopes to store mementoes of your journeys. 

You can pre-order copies from your favourite independent bookstore, or online at Amazon

In The Wilds is available now. 

Kate Bingaman-Burt on Design Matters

by Dan
Art & Photography + Design & Typography / December 06, 2010

Kate Bingaman-Burt on Design Matters

Don't miss Kate Bingamen-Burt talking about her awesome book Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? "being in debt, drawing, being hired by Target, feeling useful, craft, 'zines and making something new everyday" with Debbie Millman for the Design Matters Podcast.

Obsessive Consumption

Classic Canadian Literature and Modern Canadian Trees

by Siobhan
Art & Photography + Design & Typography / November 01, 2010

The Native Trees of CanadaThe New York Times Sunday Book Review ran a great feature on The Native Trees of Canada this weekend.

Leanne Shapton was inspired to create the book after discovering a copy of “Native Trees of Canada, Bulletin No. 61, Fifth Edition,” originally published in 1917 by the Forestry Branch of the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources.

In its flat, monochrome survey photographs I saw a simplified version of the Canadian landscape, like the one I understood as a child. Seeing the pictures reminded me of our capacity to colorize memories, some not even our own. I made a series of paintings from the book, and afterward, whenever I read a story, any mention of a tree stood out like an old friend.

Check out the New York Times Sunday Book Review feature to read how Leanne matches up passages from classic Canadian literature with her modern trees.

The Exquisite Book blog tour is in full swing!

by Siobhan
Art & Photography + Craft / October 27, 2010

The Exquisite Book blog tour is in full swing!

Visit these blogs to read more about the book, see some sneak peeks, read interviews with artists from the book, and reviews. The line-up of creative blogs is fantastic — you're bound to be inspired along the way.

October 18 - Design for Mankind - Featuring an interview with Julia Rothman!
October 19 - My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses
October 20 - Creature Comforts
October 21 - Oh Joy!
October 22 - Pikaland
October 25 - Print and Pattern - Lots of great photos of the interiors, if you haven't seen the book yet.
October 26 - ReadyMade magazine
October 28 - The Post Family
October 29 - Décor 8
November 1 - Uppercase Journal
November 2 - Mint
November 3 - Grain Edit
November 5 - 7×7 Magazine

And, of course, check out ExquisiteBook.com!

Masters of Fashion Illustration Sneak Peek

by Siobhan
Art & Photography + Fashion & Textiles / October 18, 2010

Masters of Fashion Illustration

Attention fashionistas, fashion designers, fashion daydreamers and doodlers... You must go have a look at the slideshow of gorgeous images from Masters of Fashion Illustration posted on New York Magazine's Fashion blog. Le sigh.

Masters of Fashion Illustration

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