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Tag: Food

New Releases: October 2014 Highlights

by Dan
Fiction + Food & Drink + Spirituality + Travel / October 01, 2014

Here are just a few of the new books available from Raincoast Books in October! 


An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War 

An Irish Country Novel

Patrick Taylor

Doctor O'Reilly heeds the call to serve his country the new novel in Patrick Taylor's beloved Irish Country series. Shifting deftly between two very different eras, An Irish Doctor in Peace and At War reveals more about O'Reilly's tumultuous past, even as Ballybucklebo faces the future in its own singular fashion. 


Available October 14


Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Descent

Jay Bonansinga

Written by Jay Bonansinga, based on the original series created by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead: Descent follows the events of The Fall of the Governor (book one and two), and Lilly Caul's struggles to rebuild Woodbury after the Governor's shocking demise.

The Governor's legacy of madness haunts every nook and cranny of this little walled community, but Lilly and a small ragtag band of survivors are determined to overcome their traumatic past… despite the fact that a super-herd is closing in on them.

Available October 14



Seven Letters from Paris

A Memoir

Samantha Verant

At age 40, Samantha Verant's life is falling apart—she's jobless, in debt, and feeling stuck… until she stumbles upon seven old love letters from Jean-Luc, the sexy Frenchman she'd met in Paris when she was 19. With a quick Google search, she finds him, and both are quick to realize that the passion they felt 20 years prior hasn't faded with time and distance.

Samantha knows that jetting off to France to reconnect with a man that she only knew for one sun-drenched, passion-filled day is crazy—but it's the kind of crazy she's been waiting for her whole life...

Available October 15


The Outrageous Adventures of the Radical Soviet Poet Who Became a Bum in New York, a Sensation in France, and a Political Antihero in Russia

Emmanuel Carrère

Eduard Limonov isn't fictional—but he might as well be. This pseudobiography isn't a novel, but it reads like one: from Limonov's grim childhood to his desperate, comical, ultimately successful attempts to gain the respect of Russia's literary intellectual elite; to his immigration to New York, then to Paris; to his return to the motherland. Limonov could be read as a charming picaresque. But it could also be read as a troubling counternarrative of the second half of the twentieth century, one that reveals a violence, an anarchy, a brutality, that the stories we tell ourselves about progress tend to conceal.

Available October 21



Notes From an Accidental Professor

Lynda Barry

The award-winning author Lynda Barry is the creative force behind the genre-defying and bestselling work What It Is. For the past decade, Barry has run a highly popular writing workshop for nonwriters called Writing the Unthinkable. Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor is the first book to make her innovative lesson plans and writing exercises available to the public for home or classroom use. Collaged texts, ballpoint-pen doodles, and watercolor washes adorn Syllabus's yellow lined pages, offering advice on finding a creative voice and using memories to inspire the writing process.

Available October 21


The Bread Exchange

Tales and Recipes from a Journey of Baking and Bartering

Malin Elmlid

A busy fashion-industry professional with a bread-baking obsession, Malin Elmlid started offering her loaves to others in return for recipes, handmade goods, and, above all, special experiences that come from giving generously of yourself. The Bread Exchange is a book of tales and reflections, of wanderlust connections, and more than 50 recipes for Malin's naturally leavened breads and other delicious things. 

Available October 7

My Little Paris Kitchen

More than 100 Recipes from the Mountains, Market Squares, and Shores of France

Rachel Khoo

The world fell in love with Rachel Khoo through her cookbook and television show The Little Paris Kitchen, and immediately began to covet her Parisian lifestyle, fashion sense, and delicious recipes. In My Little French Kitchen, Rachel leaves Paris and travels to the mountains, villages, and shores of France, sampling regional specialties and translating them into more than 100 recipes.

Available October 14

Calgary Cooks 

Recipes from the City's Top Chefs

edited by Gail Norton and Karen Ralph

Designed with the home cook in mind, Calgary Cooks offers recipes for every occasion. Enhanced with an insightful introduction to Calgary's food scene, full-colour images by celebrated food photographer John Sherlock and short profiles of the featured chefs, Calgary Cooks is the definitive guide to the best recipes from the city's most acclaimed restaurants.

Available October 14

The Dirty Apron Cookbook 

Recipes, Tips and Tricks for Creating Delicious, Foolproof Dishes

David Robertson

Want to impress your dinner guests? Need to diversify your regular menu? Nervous about trying a new cooking technique? Tired of eating alone? The Dirty Apron Cooking School caters to a range of students—both beginners and more experienced cooks—looking to come away with delicious menus and more confidence in the kitchen. The Dirty Apron Cookbook brings together the best of these recipes along with many of the tips and tricks shared in the school’'s classes.

Available October 14


Older, Faster, Stronger 

What Women Runners Can Teach Us All About Living Younger, Longer

Margaret Webb

One part personal quest to discover running greatness after age 50, one part investigation into what the women's running boom can teach athletes about becoming fitter, stronger, and faster as we age, Older, Faster, Stronger is an engrossing narrative sure to inspire women of all ages. A former overweight smoker turned marathoner, Margaret Webb runs with elite older women, follows a high-performance training plan devised by experts, and examines research that shows how endurance training can stall aging. She then tests herself against the world's best older runners at the world masters games in Torino, Italy.


Available October 7


Walking Home 

A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed

Sonia Choquette

Within the space of three years, New York Times best-selling author Sonia Choquette suffered the unexpected death of two close family members, seen her marriage implode, and been let down by trusted colleagues.

In order to regain her spiritual footing, Sonia turned to the age-old practice of pilgrimage and set out to walk the legendary Camino de Santiago, an 800-kilometer trek over the Pyrenees and across northern Spain. 

In this riveting book, Sonia shares the intimate details of her gruelling experience, as well as the unexpected moments of grace, humour, and companionship that supported her through her darkest hours. While her journey is unique, the lessons she shares are universal. 

Available October 15


Homeland Revealed

Matt Hurwitz

Known for its heart-pumping plot and phenomenal acting, Homeland has garnered fabulous reviews and legions of devoted fans. This richly visual book unpacks the complex show, delving into favorite characters, plot lines, and behind-the-scenes detail, while also examining how real-world technology and techniques inspire and inform Homeland. Hundreds of photos capturing the intense onscreen action complement veteran writer Matt Hurwitz's narrative as he weaves in and out of the past three seasons using interviews with the creators, cast, and crew. 

Available October 14

The Art of Big Hero 6

Jessica Julius

Walt Disney Animation Studios' Big Hero 6 is the story of Hiro Hamada, a brilliant robotics prodigy who must foil a criminal plot that threatens to destroy San Fransokyo. This new title in the popular 'The Art of...' series, published to coincide with the movie's North American release, features concept art from the film's creation—including sketches, storyboards, maquette sculpts, and much more—illuminated by quotes and interviews with the film's creators.


Available October 21

Star Wars Costumes

Brandon Alinger

Who can forget the first time Darth Vader marched onto Princess Leia's ship, in his black cape and mask? Or the white hard-body suit of the stormtroopers? Or Leia's outfit as Jabba's slave? These costumes—like so many that adorned the characters of that galaxy far, far away—have become iconic. For the first time, the Lucasfilm Archives is granting full access to the original costumes of episodes IV, V, and VI, allowing them to be revealed in never-before-seen detail. In over 200 new costume photographs, sketches, and behind-the-scenes photos and notes, based on new interviews, fans will get a fresh perspective on the creation of the clothes and costume props that brought these much-loved characters to life.
Available October 28


Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2015

Lonely Planet

The best places to go and things to do all around the world in 2015! Drawing on the knowledge, passion and miles travelled by Lonely Planet's staff, authors and online community, we present a year's worth of travel inspiration to take you out of the ordinary and into some unforgettable experiences.

Whether it's thanks to a sporting event, a revitalised infrastructure, a special anniversary or just that aura of 'right now', each destination featured has passed through our agonising selection process to win a place on Lonely Planet's hallowed Best in Travel list ­­—now in its 10th edition.

Available October 21

Celebrate the Launch of The Chocolate Tasting Kit (And indulge in some chocolate tasting yourself!)

by Melissa
Events + Food & Drink + Vancouver / March 14, 2014


Do you live in Vancouver? Do you love chocolate? If you answered yes to these questions, we have the perfect event for you! Come celebrate the launch of Eagranie Yuh's The Chocolate Tasting Kit on March 20, 2014 at Xoxolat.  This will be a fun filled evening of chocolate tastings with the opportunity to meet the author extraordinaire herself. We would love it if you could join us for this event.

Eagranie Yuh
is a local author and chocolate educator who has recently published The Chocolate Tasting Kit with Chronicle Books. Her work has appeared in publications such as Best Food Writing 2012, Edible Vancouver, Flavours and more. She is also a permanent grand jury member of the International Chocolate Awards. In other words, she knows her stuff!

Xoxolat is located at 1271 Homer Street in Yaletown, and the Open House will be from 5-8 PM. This event is free, but you can RSVP here. We'll be selling kits, sampling chocolate, and there will be a cash bar.

We hope to see you there!

My Favourite Books of 2012, Chelsea Newcombe

by Chelsea
December 12, 2012

With 2012 coming to a close, it's fun to reflect back on all of the excellent books that I encountered at Raincoast in the past twelve months. Usually I can't remember what I had for breakfast, but for some reason my memories of books tend to stick around. I suppose it could be because I'm surrounded by books all day long. Hard life, isn't it?

As for my favourite books of 2012, I chose something for kids, teens, and grown-ups:

Gulf Islands Alphabet

Gulf Islands Alphabet
Bronwyn Preece, illustrated by Alex Walton

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time on a few of the Gulf Islands and thought I knew quite a bit about the area, but this beautiful picture book taught me that there is still much more to discover. The illustrations truly reflect how diverse and picturesque the islands are, and make me want to start planning my next trip!

Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone
Leigh Bardugo

While you could easily say that Shadow and Bone is similar to Harry Potter (since teens are sent off to magic school) or The Hunger Games (since a solitary heroine must overturn the evil forces that threaten her society), it is also a unique story that reads differently than either of those popular series and is just as enjoyable. Without giving too much away, this is for fans of conflicted characters and darker fantasy.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book
Jake Godby and Sean Vahey

My ice cream maker is the size of a large mixing bowl, is at least 25 years old, and the most complicated mechanism is a hand crank. Apparently that’s all you need to make delicious homemade ice cream in about 40 minutes with help from the Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book! Every recipe that I’ve tried has come out delicious, from the standard (Tahitian Vanilla) to the extreme (Balsamic Caramel) and the in-between (Honey Thyme). Plus, homemade ice cream is the ultimate way to cap off a dinner party; no need to tell anyone how easy it was to make.

Chelsea, Sales Associate

Win a copy of the World’s Best Street Food

by Natalia
Food & Drink + Travel / April 09, 2012

The street is where you'll find the heart of a cuisine and a culture—somewhere among the taco carts and noodle stalls, the scent of wood fires and the hubbub of fellow diners.  It's the most democratic food in the world, gratifying and completely delicious!

Head on over to Zoomer where you can win a copy of Lonely Planet's The World's Best Street Food.  View some of the tempting treats you could be enjoying here!


My Favourite Books of 2011: Matt (Sales)

by Matt
Fiction + Food & Drink + Kids / December 21, 2011

As the holiday season has already shown, “just one more”, seems to have become my motto. I’ll try and break this habit in choosing from the smorgasbord of delectable books distributed by Raincoast in 2011, difficult as that may be considering my…appetite.

You would think this means I would start with a cookbook, and it does. I will. Two of them actually, both beautifully designed and produced by Chronicle Books.


Yotam Ottolenghi’s (love that name), Plenty, has fast become the must-have foodie cookbook of the year. It is filled with stunning visuals and consistent recipes that promise to sway even the most ardent eaters of faun and fowl into dedicated vegetarians. Five words; Caramelized fennel with goat cheese. Much like with my wife, I fell in love when I saw this book. That love has developed and deepened as I have cooked.  Awkward metaphor? Yes. Great cookbook? Definitely. 

Ruhlman's Twenty

Ruhlman’s Twenty taught me more about salt and water than a day trip to First Beach. I am a better cook for having read, and re-read this book, and you will be too.

Owing to my four year old nephew and six year old niece, both of whom have developed a taste for my next pick, I have read and reread Herve Tullet’s, Press Here, more times than I care to admit, more times than I have the Lord of the Rings. That is saying something. It’s not often a book can elicit visceral responses from me within the first few pages. Even rarer are those books that can engage the reader, young or old, to pick it up, shake it out, turn it sideways, push on brightly painted circles and alternate between clapping, laughing, clapping faster, and laughing noisily in a rising crescendo as the book nears its end. The answer to TV and the internet is in this 8x8 board book, published first in France in 2010, and then picked up by Chronicle Books and brought to the Canadian market in 2011. 

Grandpa Green

Grandpa Green is Lane Smith’s newest children’s title after It’s a Book. It is a memoir, a personal narrative on growing old and on being young, on imagination and forgetting, on the ingenuity of telling a story, whether your own or someone else’s, in a way that remains true to the heart. This book has my heart in its pages, for the beauty of the story and the images both. It’s one I’ll read to my child and savor for myself in the quiet moments.

Among Others Cover

Among Others, by Jo Walton treads softly, using echoes of the fantastic and a decidedly non-urgent magic to tell a fictional tale that could be otherwise completely more or less mostly real. It is a fairy tale and an elegant curtsy to the great stories and writers of the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Thanks to Dan for pointing this book out to me – I’ve never read anything quite like it. Here is what I emailed him after I was finished:  “The way in which she weaves magic into the fabric of her life, and the story reminds me of the film Pan's Labyrinth, where, as the audience you aren't sure if magic really does exist or if her telling is something that is purely fantastical and without truth. The complexity of that question has kept me gnawing at it the last few nights, it's definitely a book I'll pass on to some friends for discussion when I'm done. PS — I think I saw a fairy this morning.”

Paula Scher MAPS

Lastly, Paula Scher MAPS, Published by Princeton Architectual Press, surprised me with its beauty and with its complexity. Whether you take to this book for its visuals or prefer to delve into the theory behind the project, there is no doubting its resonance as an artifact of modern culture, and a remembering of an art form quickly becoming anachronistic.  Sher uses language to (re)create her maps; some familiar and some less so. They are drawn from, “memory, from impressions from media, and from general information overload”, and her brief introduction, titled “All Maps Lie” outlines how all maps are fallible objects influenced by factors as trivial as personal preference, inaccurate information, and imagination. The maps themselves keep me coming back to them with new questions in mind, curious as to how the world looks through her copious and particular lens. Every page engages and invites us to follow along and recognize the unfamiliar in what is quite clearly a familiar landscape. 

Time For An Afternoon Chocolate Break?

by Crystal
Health & Wellness / July 18, 2011

It's time for our afternoon chocolate break here at Raincoast Books. We like the good stuff here. My favorite is the Organic Fair Trade Canadiana Bar from Organic Fair. I can't help thinking when I tear this package open "Do I deserve this chocolate?"

Having worked with New Harbinger Titles for a few years now and in particular being familiar with one of their star authors, Dr. Susan Albers, I now know that it is ok to eat chocolate, as long as I am eating it mindfully- AKA I don't scarf down the entire bar while going through the pile of emails that are sitting in my inbox. Instead I should take a few moments and really enjoy every single second of the one or two pieces of chocolate that I eat. Being mindful of the way it melts on my tongue, the flavor and creaminess that coats the back of my throat. Yum. Well, at least I hope that is what she is going to tell me in her new book But I Deserve This Chocolate: The 50 Most Common Diet-Derailing Excuses and How to Outwit Them.

Make sure to check out the book trailer for But I Deserve This Chocolate and preorder the book (coming in August) at your local independent bookstore, Indigo.ca or Amazon.ca.


Happy reading... and chocolate eating. 


Meat and One Veg

by Dan
Food & Drink / June 13, 2011

Whole Beast

If you're a designer and you love meat (and that's got to put you in a pretty big category, right?), Bacon Ipsum is the website for you.

Bacon Ipsum? Indeed. 

Basically, Bacon Ipsum is an online text-generator that spices up the boring old lorem ipsum placeholder text used for design mock-ups in publishing and graphic design by inserting a whole lot of meat-related words. Text options include 'All Meat' and 'Meat and Filler'. 

Here's an 'All Meat' example:

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet ham tail bacon headcheese chuck flank. Tenderloin jowl meatball chuck tongue t-bone. Bresaola sausage chicken meatloaf jowl pancetta. Hamburger pancetta ribeye pork belly biltong pig, bresaola ham hock. Jowl brisket bacon pork chop ground round shank. Pancetta cow chuck bacon andouille, boudin tri-tip bresaola beef ribs hamburger ground round pig pastrami brisket salami. Shankle flank chuck, tail swine shank tongue.

Beef hamburger tenderloin ham hock. Bresaola bacon pork chop ball tip rump, headcheese salami spare ribs venison tail drumstick boudin short ribs short loin. Sirloin bresaola short ribs, bacon boudin tail pork ham andouille ham hock rump sausage ball tip pastrami. Drumstick pork loin cow, pork boudin sausage strip steak corned beef ground round pastrami short ribs brisket. Ham tongue swine chicken. Jerky tenderloin rump, meatloaf shank short ribs pancetta sirloin ribeye tongue spare ribs boudin ham hock chicken turkey. T-bone boudin tail brisket chicken.

As I'm sure you'll agree, that is a whole lot meat! And it just go to show that everything really is better with bacon. Even Latin. 

And why do I mention this now?

Well, it is the season to be grilling, and there is that tiny matter of Father's Day this weekend, and as a dad (and a dude) my mind does tend to wander towards the BBQ (even if it isn't close to lunch time yet). 

Fire It Up

So, on the off chance you're looking for meatier BBQ recipes, or just to happen to be looking for FATHER'S DAY GIFTS I thought I'd recommend two recently published books for bacon-obsessed dudes: Fire It Up: More than 400 Recipes for Grilling Everything by the guys that brought you Mastering the Grill, and Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need, from Esquire magazine's food editor Ryan D'Agostino.

Eat Like a Man

But if you (and your dad!) can wait until September, you might also want to check out Whole Beast Butchery (available for pre-order from your local indie and Chapters-Indigo and Amazon online), in which San Francisco chef and self-taught meat expert Ryan Farr demystifies the butchery process. That, also, is a whole lot of meat right there... 

Of course, there is the merest possibility that this might just be too much meat for one blog post, so just to tip the scales back towards a semblance of a balanced diet for one minute, I thought I would also mention Plenty — a favourite in our office since it was published by Chronicle Books in March. 

Written by restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi, the book collects 120 vegetarian(!) recipes inspired by Yotam's Mediterranean background and his unapologetic love of ingredients.

Funnily enough though, Yotam is not a vegetarian himself... (I wonder if he thinks everything's better with bacon? Hmm... Perhaps not...)

Dessert Mash-Ups

by Siobhan
Food & Drink / February 15, 2011

Maybe my head's still spinning from eating too many Valentine's chocolates, or my vision is getting blurry from all the sugar in the technicolour anatomical heart cake that our designer Mark brought in, but I'm seeing a lot of mash-ups in the dessert world recently...


Macarons + Cake Pops = Macaron Pops!

Get the scoop on these sweeties from both Bakerella and Tartelette.


Another sweet mash-up...

Whoopie Pies + Macarons = Whoopie Pies disguised as Macarons!

Project Wedding posted a great recipe for these sneaky treats.


And of course the new trend...

Cupcakes + Cakes = Cupcake Cakes!

Gibbs Smith just published a new cute book on Cupcake Cakes.


I wonder what other desserts could (or should) be combined? Mmmm, the possibilities are endless...

Announcing the winner of our “Cook Bake, Blog!” contest…

by Siobhan
Contests + Food & Drink / January 14, 2011

Finally -- after siome delays trying to catch up after our move -- I'm able to announce the winner of our "Cook Bake, Blog!" contest ... drumroll please ...

Congratulations, Suzie Ridle from Nova Scotia!

Suzie, aka Susie the Foodie, will win $500 (CDN retail) worth of cookbooks of her choice, published by Chronicle Books, Quirk Books or Gibbs Smith.

Check out Suzie's test-kitchen reports from trying out recipes from The Geometry of Pasta here and here (her delicious results are pictured below) -- and also watch this video of Suzie's brave husband concocting a brew of Mad Scientist Mix-Up from Little Monsters Cookbook!

ALSO ... congrats to the fabulous Cadboro Bay Book Company in Victoria, BC, who is the winner of our bookstore cookbook display contest!


A Cookie Exhange and a Cookbook Giveaway

by Siobhan
Contests + Food & Drink / December 08, 2010

Very Merry Cookie Party

Tis the season. The season to turn up the Christmas tunes, don a festive apron and start baking.

To get you started, the little helpers at Chronicle have posted a couple of recipes from their book, Very Merry Cookie Party: Very Merry Cookie Party: How to Plan and Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange... Toffee Squares and Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread, oh my. I don't know about you, but at this point, I'm resigned to gaining that extra five pounds over the holidays.

cookbook giveawayBut here's the good news (besides the delight of ingesting all that delicious sugar), since you're baking up a storm anyway, why not take a quick break to let us know your favourite cookbook published by Chronicle Books, Quirk Books or Gibbs Smith.... You could win $500 worth of cookbooks for your efforts!

Click here to get all the details and to enter. You have until January 1, 2011 to enter.

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