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Prufrock Press

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For more than 20 years, teachers, parents, and kids have looked to Prufrock Press for exciting, informative learning resources for gifted, advanced, and special needs learners. 

Supporting Gifted and Advanced Learners:

Teachers rely on Prufrock to bring them classroom-tested books that challenge and motivate young minds. From activity books that engage learners in thinking skills and core subject areas, to professional development books, teachers trust Prufrock’s rich line of products. Parents look to Prufrock for the latest in support as they raise bright children. From ways to raise happy, successful, bright learners, to strategies for building social skills among kids, Prufrock supports involved parents of gifted learners. 

Supporting Special Needs Learners:

Prufrock Press offers a collection of cutting-edge, exciting tools for helping kids with special needs. We’ve built a collection of resources that address a wide spectrum of kids with special needs. From autism spectrum disorders, LD and ADHD, and anxiety disorders, to differentiating instruction in the inclusive classroom, Prufrock offers you a wide selection of research-based solutions.

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