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The Mountaineers Books

The Mountaineers Books

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Today, with more than 500 titles in print, The Mountaineers Books is a leading publisher of quality outdoor books, including many award winners. So whether you're hiking with the family, cycling over a country road, clinging to a big wall or dreaming of a trek in Nepal, The Mountaineers Books has the information you need to guide you on your next journey in confidence and safety.

Skipstone, an imprint of the Mountaineers Books, produces books that are focused on the outdoor lifestyle, promoting a deeper understanding of the natural world through physical activity, adventure, tongue-in-cheek humor, or sustainable practice. Skipstone authors come from all spectrums—travelers, adventurers, humorists, artists and leaders.

Braided River books bring the work of some of the world’s best nature photographers together with thoughtful essays by well-known authors, conservationists and public figures. But the books reach beyond the printed page, as their distinctive voices are carried to a wider audience through a national series of lectures, exhibits and multi-media presentations in collaboration with leading environmental organizations.

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