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With cartoonists that have been instrumental in defining the literary comics medium for the past twenty years and a willingness to experiment with formats and concepts, Drawn & Quarterly has become one of the most influential art and literary comics publishers in North America, if not the whole world.

Back in 1989, Chris Oliveros humbly went in search of artists to contribute to his yet-to-be-published magazine anthology named Drawn & Quarterly. Armed with a honed aesthetic, he advertised in different venues and approached promising artists. As a result, Oliveros assembled the most esteemed and distinct coterie of cartoonists since the days of Art Spiegelman's RAW.

Oliveros's visual acumen and astute production values coupled with the complete editorial and creative freedom offered to the cartoonists enabled D+Q to make an immediate mark in the world of comics. After several anthologies, comic book series and graphic novels, D+Q has established an elite and varied roster of cartoonists that includes Adrian Tomine, Seth, Chester Brown, Joe Matt, Julie Doucet, and James Sturm, who are considered to be some of the medium's best and are synonymous with Drawn & Quarterly.

Big Questions, Or Else, Optic Nerve, Berlin and Atlas have joined Peepshow and Palooka-Ville as D+Q's current ongoing comic book series. Exquisitely designed sketchbooks by iconic luminaries R. Crumb and Chris Ware joined sketchbooks by Julie Doucet and Seth. Graphic novels include war comics-journalism from Joe Sacco, travelogues by Guy Delisle, a charming teenage memoir by Michel Rabagliatti and translations of European masters Igort, Baru, and Dupuy & Berberian. The original magazine anthology became a lavish, oversized, coffee table annual. D+Q has also engaged in ambitious reprint projects, including the work of Frank King, Tove Jansson (Moomin), and Yoshihiro Tatsumi.

Book lovers, who appreciate exceptional quality in literature and design, laud D+Q for creating elegant objects that transcend the boundaries of books and comics. The New York Times Book Review, The Globe & Mail, The Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Print Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and Time have all sung the praises of D+Q.

By adhering to Oliveros's focused editorial direction, D+Q has grown from being a periodical company to a book publisher with over 20 titles a year and an extraordinary backlist of perennial best-selling titles that are regarded as literary classics. Growing more ambitious every year, the publisher takes on new comic books, art books, and graphic novels by renowned cartoonists and newcomers from around the globe.

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