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Tag: Star Wars

New Releases: October 2014 Highlights

by Dan
Fiction + Food & Drink + Spirituality + Travel / October 01, 2014

Here are just a few of the new books available from Raincoast Books in October! 


An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War 

An Irish Country Novel

Patrick Taylor

Doctor O'Reilly heeds the call to serve his country the new novel in Patrick Taylor's beloved Irish Country series. Shifting deftly between two very different eras, An Irish Doctor in Peace and At War reveals more about O'Reilly's tumultuous past, even as Ballybucklebo faces the future in its own singular fashion. 


Available October 14


Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Descent

Jay Bonansinga

Written by Jay Bonansinga, based on the original series created by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead: Descent follows the events of The Fall of the Governor (book one and two), and Lilly Caul's struggles to rebuild Woodbury after the Governor's shocking demise.

The Governor's legacy of madness haunts every nook and cranny of this little walled community, but Lilly and a small ragtag band of survivors are determined to overcome their traumatic past… despite the fact that a super-herd is closing in on them.

Available October 14



Seven Letters from Paris

A Memoir

Samantha Verant

At age 40, Samantha Verant's life is falling apart—she's jobless, in debt, and feeling stuck… until she stumbles upon seven old love letters from Jean-Luc, the sexy Frenchman she'd met in Paris when she was 19. With a quick Google search, she finds him, and both are quick to realize that the passion they felt 20 years prior hasn't faded with time and distance.

Samantha knows that jetting off to France to reconnect with a man that she only knew for one sun-drenched, passion-filled day is crazy—but it's the kind of crazy she's been waiting for her whole life...

Available October 15


The Outrageous Adventures of the Radical Soviet Poet Who Became a Bum in New York, a Sensation in France, and a Political Antihero in Russia

Emmanuel Carrère

Eduard Limonov isn't fictional—but he might as well be. This pseudobiography isn't a novel, but it reads like one: from Limonov's grim childhood to his desperate, comical, ultimately successful attempts to gain the respect of Russia's literary intellectual elite; to his immigration to New York, then to Paris; to his return to the motherland. Limonov could be read as a charming picaresque. But it could also be read as a troubling counternarrative of the second half of the twentieth century, one that reveals a violence, an anarchy, a brutality, that the stories we tell ourselves about progress tend to conceal.

Available October 21



Notes From an Accidental Professor

Lynda Barry

The award-winning author Lynda Barry is the creative force behind the genre-defying and bestselling work What It Is. For the past decade, Barry has run a highly popular writing workshop for nonwriters called Writing the Unthinkable. Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor is the first book to make her innovative lesson plans and writing exercises available to the public for home or classroom use. Collaged texts, ballpoint-pen doodles, and watercolor washes adorn Syllabus's yellow lined pages, offering advice on finding a creative voice and using memories to inspire the writing process.

Available October 21


The Bread Exchange

Tales and Recipes from a Journey of Baking and Bartering

Malin Elmlid

A busy fashion-industry professional with a bread-baking obsession, Malin Elmlid started offering her loaves to others in return for recipes, handmade goods, and, above all, special experiences that come from giving generously of yourself. The Bread Exchange is a book of tales and reflections, of wanderlust connections, and more than 50 recipes for Malin's naturally leavened breads and other delicious things. 

Available October 7

My Little Paris Kitchen

More than 100 Recipes from the Mountains, Market Squares, and Shores of France

Rachel Khoo

The world fell in love with Rachel Khoo through her cookbook and television show The Little Paris Kitchen, and immediately began to covet her Parisian lifestyle, fashion sense, and delicious recipes. In My Little French Kitchen, Rachel leaves Paris and travels to the mountains, villages, and shores of France, sampling regional specialties and translating them into more than 100 recipes.

Available October 14

Calgary Cooks 

Recipes from the City's Top Chefs

edited by Gail Norton and Karen Ralph

Designed with the home cook in mind, Calgary Cooks offers recipes for every occasion. Enhanced with an insightful introduction to Calgary's food scene, full-colour images by celebrated food photographer John Sherlock and short profiles of the featured chefs, Calgary Cooks is the definitive guide to the best recipes from the city's most acclaimed restaurants.

Available October 14

The Dirty Apron Cookbook 

Recipes, Tips and Tricks for Creating Delicious, Foolproof Dishes

David Robertson

Want to impress your dinner guests? Need to diversify your regular menu? Nervous about trying a new cooking technique? Tired of eating alone? The Dirty Apron Cooking School caters to a range of students—both beginners and more experienced cooks—looking to come away with delicious menus and more confidence in the kitchen. The Dirty Apron Cookbook brings together the best of these recipes along with many of the tips and tricks shared in the school’'s classes.

Available October 14


Older, Faster, Stronger 

What Women Runners Can Teach Us All About Living Younger, Longer

Margaret Webb

One part personal quest to discover running greatness after age 50, one part investigation into what the women's running boom can teach athletes about becoming fitter, stronger, and faster as we age, Older, Faster, Stronger is an engrossing narrative sure to inspire women of all ages. A former overweight smoker turned marathoner, Margaret Webb runs with elite older women, follows a high-performance training plan devised by experts, and examines research that shows how endurance training can stall aging. She then tests herself against the world's best older runners at the world masters games in Torino, Italy.


Available October 7


Walking Home 

A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed

Sonia Choquette

Within the space of three years, New York Times best-selling author Sonia Choquette suffered the unexpected death of two close family members, seen her marriage implode, and been let down by trusted colleagues.

In order to regain her spiritual footing, Sonia turned to the age-old practice of pilgrimage and set out to walk the legendary Camino de Santiago, an 800-kilometer trek over the Pyrenees and across northern Spain. 

In this riveting book, Sonia shares the intimate details of her gruelling experience, as well as the unexpected moments of grace, humour, and companionship that supported her through her darkest hours. While her journey is unique, the lessons she shares are universal. 

Available October 15


Homeland Revealed

Matt Hurwitz

Known for its heart-pumping plot and phenomenal acting, Homeland has garnered fabulous reviews and legions of devoted fans. This richly visual book unpacks the complex show, delving into favorite characters, plot lines, and behind-the-scenes detail, while also examining how real-world technology and techniques inspire and inform Homeland. Hundreds of photos capturing the intense onscreen action complement veteran writer Matt Hurwitz's narrative as he weaves in and out of the past three seasons using interviews with the creators, cast, and crew. 

Available October 14

The Art of Big Hero 6

Jessica Julius

Walt Disney Animation Studios' Big Hero 6 is the story of Hiro Hamada, a brilliant robotics prodigy who must foil a criminal plot that threatens to destroy San Fransokyo. This new title in the popular 'The Art of...' series, published to coincide with the movie's North American release, features concept art from the film's creation—including sketches, storyboards, maquette sculpts, and much more—illuminated by quotes and interviews with the film's creators.


Available October 21

Star Wars Costumes

Brandon Alinger

Who can forget the first time Darth Vader marched onto Princess Leia's ship, in his black cape and mask? Or the white hard-body suit of the stormtroopers? Or Leia's outfit as Jabba's slave? These costumes—like so many that adorned the characters of that galaxy far, far away—have become iconic. For the first time, the Lucasfilm Archives is granting full access to the original costumes of episodes IV, V, and VI, allowing them to be revealed in never-before-seen detail. In over 200 new costume photographs, sketches, and behind-the-scenes photos and notes, based on new interviews, fans will get a fresh perspective on the creation of the clothes and costume props that brought these much-loved characters to life.
Available October 28


Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2015

Lonely Planet

The best places to go and things to do all around the world in 2015! Drawing on the knowledge, passion and miles travelled by Lonely Planet's staff, authors and online community, we present a year's worth of travel inspiration to take you out of the ordinary and into some unforgettable experiences.

Whether it's thanks to a sporting event, a revitalised infrastructure, a special anniversary or just that aura of 'right now', each destination featured has passed through our agonising selection process to win a place on Lonely Planet's hallowed Best in Travel list ­­—now in its 10th edition.

Available October 21

Jeffrey Brown in Toronto June 5th 2014!

by Dan
Events + Humour + Parenting / May 30, 2014

Meet Jeffrey Brown, the awesome, bestselling author of Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess, as he signs copies of his new book, Kids Are Weird: And Other Observations from Parenthood, at Indigo Bay & Bloor on Thursday, June 5th 2014 at 7pm!   


In Person: Jeffrey Brown

Thursday, June 5th at 7:00 PM

INDIGO Manulife @ Bay & Bloor

55 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M4W 1A5
(416) 925-3536

My Favourite Books of 2013, Pete MacDougall

by Pete
Kids + Picture Books / December 10, 2013

The Snatchabook

My favourite book of the year is The Snatchabook. My daughter was about a year and half old when this book came home for the first time making she and I the perfect test audience. It was a huge hit the first night, and fast became a family favourite. Snatchabook is at times a mischievous brat who a toddler can relate to (not mine...), he gets sad and just wants to have books read to him by someone (something they all can relate to), and its a book about books which we both love. The illustrations are warm and nostalgic, and the story reads aloud beautifully. A bed time classic.

Vader's Little Princess

And being the Dad of a daughter Vader's Little Princess is up there as well. Jeffrey Brown's illustrations, and captions are right on point, and a not so welcome but funny window in to my future.

Peter Macdougall, Director of National Accounts

May the force (oops fourth) be with you!!

by Danielle
May 04, 2012

Hey there Star Wars fans! Today is Star Wars Day. Perfect opportunity to showcase some of our awesome Star Wars books/products!


Darth Vader and Son

This light hearted book is perfect for any Dad—Star Wars fan or not. A comic about the life of Darth Vader and his difficulties raising a son, Jeffrey Brown explores a different side of the Star Wars world—one I am sure that everyone wishes to see more of.  An ideal book to share with your own Dad or child, this is a book that both celebrates Star Wars Day and one that will have a permanent place on your bookshelf.

Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones, and Other Galactic Goodies

What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than with these awesome, fun recipes? It really is a win-win situation: show your love of Star Wars with these adorable cookie cutters AND get a rewarding (and delicious) treat at the end. A perfect activity for both kids and adults to show their Star Wars appreciation, it really doesn’t get any better than this!

How to Speak Wookiee

Today is probably the only day you can get away with speaking in Wookiee without people shooting you strange looks. If you always wished to learn another language and the real ones just aren’t cutting it (or if you are me they are just too difficult for you) this book provides the perfect opportunity to hone those language skills of yours and put them to good use.  Also, the language will come in handy for interpretation purposes during those Star Wars movie marathons, or if you want that added authenticity for your Chewbacca Halloween costume.


The Art and Making of Star Wars

If you don’t have the attention span to sit through 4+ hours of Star Wars movies to celebrate Star Wars Day, perhaps you will instead pull out your “Star Wars: The Old Republic” video game and celebrate this culturally produced holiday with your own presence in the Star Wars world.  Want to see how it was created? This book delves into the process and provides an inside look into one of our culture’s most beloved franchises.  A must buy for any self-professed (or in the closet) Star Wars fan. 

Star Wars Moleskine Planners

 If you’re like me, planners just make everything better.  Especially these Star Wars-themed ones! Get your life organized and indulge in your favourite series with these fantastic day planners.

HUGE thanks to Melissa our new awesome intern for this blog post! It's her first and certainly not her last!!

Moleskine Star Wars

by Siobhan
Gift & Stationery / September 30, 2011


Star Wars.

Two of your favourite things, am I right?

Well, now they have joined forces...

Read more details about Moleskine's Star Wars limited editions on Moleskine.com.

May the Fourth be With You

by Brian
Animals & Nature + Art & Photography + Fiction + Film + Food & Drink / May 04, 2011

A long time ago… (last week)

In a galaxy far far away … (Downtown Vancouver)

We were presented with several brand new Star Wars books and products from several publishers which prompted someone to ask, “Is 2011 a Star Wars anniversary year?”

Silly, sales reps – EVERY year is a Star Wars anniversary year.

And no day better exemplifies that than today. May Fourth.

And while we’d like to think that the book industry is the omni-present gatekeeper of culture and higher learning, we can’t all publish the Atwoods, the Ondaatjes and the Gladwells. Which is fine by me. This intern here loves the quirky titles that spin off of pop culture icons. I’ll take the Zombies, the Bathroom Readers and the Darcy Romance line any day.

But that’s a blog post meant for another time.

Today it’s all about the George Lucas Empire – in book form.

Here’s a look at a couple of my favourites that have made their way to my desk.

The Star Wars Cook Book 1 & 2

Star Wars Cook BooksThese Star Wars themed recipes are great for all ages and feature scenes from each Star Wars episode using the recipes found inside.



The Wildlife of Star Wars

Do you remember all the sea life in the backdrop of Naboo during Episode 1? Or the various animals running around Tatooine? Me neither –but if you ever wanted to impress your friends at your next Star Wars marathon by yelling out “WHOA! Check out that Geejaw” during Return of the Jedi then yeah, this book is for you.


The Art of Star Wars Comics

Ok, I’m guilty here. I didn’t actually know there were Star Wars comics. But after flipping through some of the cover art in this collectible postcard set I have to say that I am intrigued and will be picking a couple up.  Of particular note – Star Wars Purge: Last Stand of the Jedi looks pretty bad *ss.



The Art Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The concept art and lighting tests found within this book are amazing. It reminds me of the robots and monsters I used to draw as a kid except those were never made into a multi-billion dollar franchise. Maybe I should pick up a (shameless plug alert!) Doodle Sketchbook from the nearest indie book retailer…

The Sounds of Star Wars

At first glance I thought this book was something my 7 year old nephew might enjoy, but after flipping through the book I realized that this one is fun for the whole family. The sounds will keep anyone entertained (except for my pod mates who cringe at hearing lasers and Darth Vader breathing every 15 seconds) but the real value is in the behind the scenes look at what inspired Lucas and Ben Burtt to create Wookie language and speeder sounds.

After a quick review, I’ve decided I need to find a way to sneak these books out of the office for a closer read, I better practice my Jedi wave… “These are not the books you are looking for.”

Favourite Books 2010: Bob Kronbauer, Vancouver is Awesome

by Dan
News + Vancouver / December 17, 2010

Vancouver Then and NowVancouver Then and Now
Francis Mansbridge
Thunder Bay ISBN 9781592239177

It would be criminal for me not to include this as my favourite Raincoast title from 2010. The comparative photographs in this book are quite simply stunning and they offer such a unique view of our city and the constant state of change it's in. I'm looking forward to the release of 'Vancouver Then and Then and Now' in a few decades!


Sounds of Star WarsThe Sounds of Star Wars
J. W. Rinzler
Chronicle Books ISBN 9780811875462

The fact that relatively new technology allows this book to be able to contain more than 250 sound effects from the Star Wars films should be enough to make it a favourite, but the illustrations and insights from those involved in the sound design of these movies puts it way over the top.


Still Fishin'*
Alan Haig-Brown
Harbour Publishing ISBN 9781550174670


Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest*
Andy Lamb and Phil Edgell
Harbour Publishing ISBN 9781550174717

The former offers a great insider's view of the fishing industry in British Columbia, written by the son of the author of my favourite fishing book of all time, Bright Waters, Bright Fish published in 1980. The latter offers a great reference and learning tool about all of the different types of fish in the waters around here, caught byvcommercial and sportfisher men alike.

(* Please note: Still Fishin'  and Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest are published and distributed by Harbour Publishing. Bookstores can currently order both these books from Raincoast's wholesale division BookExpress).

Bob KronbauerBob Kronbauer is one of Vancouver's biggest fans. He's the founding editor of VancouverIsAwesome.com, a  blog turned incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to the study, promotion and preservation of Vancouver arts and culture. Bob is also a published fine art photographer (his first book, Beach Glass, was published by Holy Water in 2004 [ISBN 0-9548238-0-X]) and portrait photographer for local and international magazines. As a jack of a few trades Bob also works on curatorial projects and art direction and has completed projects for Nike, Kangol and Poketo to name a few. He wears a lot of hats but above all considers himself a modern day storyteller.

The Sounds of Star Wars

by Dan
Film / September 24, 2010

Sounds of Star Wars

OK, confession time: There are some pretty big nerds at Raincoast — myself included — and so it was no surprise that joyous wookie roars echoed around the office when the much-anticipated The Sounds of Star Wars arrived on our desks! 

In this illustrated history (it contains more than 300 photographs from the series!), legendary sound designer Ben Burtt explains the sounds of the Star Wars universe — from the first films to the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series — and an attached sound module with an exterior speaker (and headphone jack) lets you listen to the sound effects! Woo! 

And if you are a fan of Stars Wars (and who isn't?), make sure you watch this AMAZING 6 minute film about the book and the guys who created the all those incredible sounds: 


Also available from Chronicle Books:

Chronicle Star Wars Books

Obsessed With Star Wars

The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Wildlife of Star Wars

Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies

Star Wars Cookbook II: Darth Malt and More Galactic Recipes

Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels

The Star Wars Poster Book

Obsessed With Star Wars?

by Dan
Film + Humour / July 14, 2010

This NEVER happens on my commute to work...

Are you obsessed enough with Star Wars to re-enact it on the subway?

If so, perhaps you should test your knowledge with Obsessed With Star Wars firstor get ready to The Sounds of Star Wars before you step on to the platform?

Obsessed with Star Wars and Sounds of Star Wars

But if you're only mildly obsessed with Star Wars you could also pick up the Star Wars Poster Book, The Star Wars Wookie Cookies Cookbook, and The Wildlife of Star Wars and leave the custom at home...