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Tag: Boo

So there’s this dog…

by Danielle
Art & Photography + Author Q & A / July 08, 2011

You might have heard of this dog named Boo. You know the one. He has 1,338,984 Facebook friends,  Khloe Kardasian is a fan and he's even going to be on Good Morning America in August !! So what's up with this dog? I'm not sure but with almost 1.5 million Facebook fans he must be doing something right!

Chronicle has this charming book with exclusive new photographs of Boo doing all of his favorite things: lounging around, playing with friends, exploring the whole wide world, and making those famous puppy-dog eyes. It's not yet available but you can per-order off of Amazon.ca and Indigo.ca but if you would rather, please head on over to your local bookstore in August and pick up a copy!

Boo Facts

What type of dog is Boo?
While some say Boo looks like a Teddy Bear, he is actually a Pomeranian
with a unique hair cut.

How old is Boo?
He is five years old.

Who is Boo's best friend?
"My best pal is Buddy, another Pomeranian who lives with me."

What is Boo's favorite thing to do?
It's a tie between lounging around the house and playing follow the
leader with Buddy. (He is always the leader)

Does Boo think he is a little human or is he happy to be a dog?
"I love being a dog and playing with other dogs, but I also like to get
dressed up and hang out with my human friends."

Does Boo like to travel?
Boo enjoys going on fun trips and has been to New York, Chicago, and
Los Angeles. He jumps right into his carrier without needing to be asked.

Does Boo like music? What type?
He likes all kinds of music, but prefers songs that go light on the drums.
They scare him.

Does Boo have any favorite charities?
He is a fan of Operation Smile. For his 5th birthday his fans raised over
$5,000 for the charity. Boo loves kids and loves smiling, so it's a
perfect fit.

Does Boo get fan mail?
Most fans leave messages for Boo on his Facebook page. He likes to read the messages after dinner.

What is Boo’s favorite TV show?
"It doesn't matter who is playing in the Super Bowl, as long as
the Puppy Bowl is on at halftime."

And here's a pretty adorable video of when he did a tour up to Chronicle. Enjoy!

I'm also doing a giveaway!

Comment below for your chance to win! And you have more than a month to enter! I'll be sending a copy of Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog with a 'pawtograph!!'. Deadline is August 12th. You can comment as many times as you like but your name will be entered only once.

Good luck!

Boo! The Book!

by Siobhan
May 13, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone!

You know what we all need on Fridays? A little boost to get us through to the weekend. And by that I really mean: CUTE THINGS ON THE INTERNET. Yes, today is the day it's borderline acceptable* to forward your officemates links to silly photos and viral videos -- all the spirit of TGIF. (*Except if you work at Raincoast, where watching videos about teeth with smiley faces and cakes on sticks part of your JOB...)

Arguably, the Internet is mainly used for disseminating CUTENESS. The Dramatic Chimpmunk, Cute Things Falling Asleep, Cuteness Overload... And I do hope you've all seen this hilarious video of the talking dog that's been making the rounds on Facebook recently. Seriously, his voice is amazing.

ANYWAY. The big news in the world of cuteness is BOO. The cutest dog in the world. And the big news in the world of cuteness-publishing is that Chronicle is launching Boo's debut book this Fall!

You can read all about the upcoming book on the Chronicle blog. For you skeptics out there, Boo has a ton of fans ... that blog post has already been shared over 8,000 times and Boo's own link to that post on his Facebook page has been liked over 4,000 times -- all in the last 24 hours! That's one popular ball of fluff!

You too can be friends with Boo on Facebook. After all, it is Friday. Bring on the CUTE.