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Tag: Bike Snob

Eben Weiss visits Vancouver

by Danielle
Environment + Reference + Sports + Travel + Vancouver / April 22, 2012

We had the pleasure of meeting Eben Weiss (aka BikeSnob USA) last week while he was in Vancouver for his book tour. By 'we' I mean my boyfriend and myself. I had to do it cause it's my job. The BF on the other hand took time off work to tag along for fun. Not that I minded this particular working day because we rode bikes all day and it's our fave thing to do!

For those of you who don't know who Eben Weiss is, he writes the emencely popular blog bikesnousa and wrote a couple of books.



We had met him at his hotel where we all biked over the Caffé Musette for a nice cup of coffee and some snacks while we waited for legendary Amy Walker and her crew to get suited and booted for their Eben interview for bicycle.com.

Essentially they ride around town showing people riding in
real-life situations - on the streets, trails and bike routes of our city from the back of a Yuba Mundo cargo bike. It looks pretty tricky to handle but these two had the down packed.

After a couple hours of riding around beautiful Vancouver (oh and the weather was awesome btw!) we were starved so stopped for few tacos at Taqueria before heading over to Bike Dr. for the group ride.

We ended the night at Chapters where Eben answered questions from the crowd and signed stock. We talked about everything from biking and rainbows to religion and salmoning. (Grab the book, you'll know what I mean after reading it)

Following morning Eben graced our local TV waves at BT. Here's the link.

I'm pleading to get Eben up to Toronto.
I'll keep you all posted on if and when that happens.

Happy riding!

The Enlightened Cyclist Group Ride & Chapters Event April 12th

by Danielle
Events + Health & Wellness + Travel / March 21, 2012

Please join Bike Snob NYC (a.k.a. Eben Weiss) and the Bike Doctor for The Enlightened Cyclist Group Ride Thursday, April 12th, 2012 - Starting at Bike Doctor on Broadway at 6:15PM

The Ride:
We'll meet up at 137 W Broadway at Bike Doctor at 5:45 for a 45 minute ride starting at 6:15pm around town. Finish off at Chapters on Broadway/Granville for a chat with Eben at 7.

The Event:
7PM - Chapters - 2505 Granville Street
Bike Snob NYC (a.k.a. Eben Weiss) is the blogger behind the immensely popular cycling blog, bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com. Join us at Chapters as he signs his new book, The Enlightened Cyclist, and shares his humorous perspective on the joys, trials and triumphs of bike commuting.

Please contact Danielle Johnson, Publicist at Raincoast Books
604 448 7163 or email danielle [at] raincoast.com for more information.

See you there!

The Mysterious Bike Snob Revealed!

by Dan
News + Sports / March 30, 2010

bike snob book cover

After 3 years of anonymously skewing the foibles of urban cycling, satirical bike blogger The Bike Snob has been 'outted' by the Wall Street Journal!

In an article posted on their website today, the WSJ claim that the 'Snob' is none other than former New York literary agent Eben Oliver Weiss:

He's 36 years old, grew up riding BMX and is not a stranger to the media world. After a brief stint as a New York City bike messenger, he spent more than a decade in the publishing industry, working as an agent with the Ralph M. Vicinanza, Ltd. literary agency. His wife, Sara Goodman, is an editor at St. Martin's Press, and the couple are expecting their first child in May. Mr. Weiss races locally on an amateur bike team sponsored by Gotham Bikes, a New York City shop. But by his own account, he's a mediocre racer.

"I'm just a regular guy," Mr. Weiss said.

Since the blog launched in 2007, The Bike Snob has become a must-read for both urban cyclists and international racers (including Lance Armstrong!), and although his true identity has been something of a guessing game in the cycling world, The Bike Snob has stayed decidedly in the shadows.

Until now...

With a book about to published, the Snob finally decided it was time to ditch his anonymity, and face the bicycling public.

Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling, to be published by Chronicle Books in May, promises — just like the blog — to catalogue all the missteps, pretensions, and absurdities of bike culture while maintaining the Snob's contagious enthusiasm for cycling itself. But according to the WSJ, Eben has no intentions of ending his blog:

"The book and dropping the anonymity pretense is a little celebration," Mr. Weiss said. "And then it's back to work."

Good news for cyclists everywhere!