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Tag: Animation

Frenching with Joe Ollmann

by Dan
Graphica / November 07, 2011

mid-life joe ollmann

Award-winning Canadian cartoonist Joe Ollmann – who was recently on CBC radio show Tapestry discussing his mid-life crisis – is now exposing his fish-out-of-water anxieties as an Anglophone in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood in this funny video for BravoFACT!:


You can read a preview of Joe Ollmann's new book Mid-Life here (PDF).

(via Drawn!)

A Lot of Heart

by Jamie
Film / May 25, 2011

Art of Cars 2

Do any movie studios still have any heart? Anthony Lane in recent profile in The New Yorker magazine (May 16, subscription required) thinks so and the answer is Pixar Studios, the makers of Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monster’s Inc. , Finding Nemo The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille. Wall-E, Up, Toy Story 3 and coming to theatres on June 24: Cars 2.

“Most of us, as we leave the theatre, can no more remember which company produced the film we just saw than we could tell you who manufactured the hand dryer in the men’s room. The exception is Pixar, the only studio whose products people actively seek out. Everyone knows Pixar.”

Pixar is based in Emeryville a small town just across the bridge from San Francisco, hometown to Chronicle Books, another company jammed full of talented people who march to their own tune. As with earlier Pixar films, Chronicle is releasing The Art of Cars 2 a gorgeously illustrated book that is filled with storyboard and original art from the new film. Thumbing through the pages of The Art of Cars 2 is the perfect visual accompaniment Lane’s of Pixar.


I am the father of four year-old and so know the Pixar “oeuvre” pretty well. Our favourite is Cars; for my son because he is lover of all things with wheels and for me (who doesn’t even have driver’s license) because the film is about making connections. My son thinks I am over reading the film (“stop talking daddy”), but I will stick to my guns on this.

The friendship between Lightening McQueen and Mater the rusty dump truck is replay of the archetype of the 'Prince and the Pauper' but also what it means to have best friend. While (endlessly) re-watching Cars I am reminded that in the western cannon far more pages have been filled by theorizing about de amicitia or “friendship” than on Eros or sexual love, because in many respects it is more essential. The film connects — race car and dump truck, small town and metropolis, old and young, red states and blue through the social capital of friendship. Wonderful stuff. Or as Doc Doc Hudson says to Lightening McQueen at the end of Cars: “You gotta a lot of stuff Kid!”

Kenk teaser trailer

by Dan
Film + Graphica / May 10, 2010

Here is an amazing video promo for KENK by Toronto director Craig Small that also doubles as a sneak peak of an upcoming animated film treatment: 

You can find out more about the latest developments on the KENK multimedia project at kenk.ca.

We love the NFB… and we’re not alone

by Siobhan
January 22, 2010

The National Film Board of Canada, perhaps better known as the NFB, has had a banner year.

Last year they launched the NFB Screening Room, where they've posted tons of films online for anyone to watch - so far there are close to 1,500 films on the site.

In the spirit, they're sharing their stats about how the program is going so far. The response has been amazing: 3.7 million total online film views since they launched a year ago. 2.2 million of those views (59%!) were in Canada alone. In a time of seemingly endless budget cuts to the Arts, it's really heartening to see such enthusiasm for Canadian creativity.

You can read more about NFB's success on their blog, where they also list the 10 most popular films on the site this year -- nice to see that The Log Driver’s Waltz is still going strong!