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Online IFOA Coverage

by Dan
October 30, 2006

Over the course of the 10 day International Festival of Authors (IFOA) in Toronto, Raincoast authors received some wonderful support from the online community.

First off, the festival themselves were running a blog. Early in the proceedings, the IFOA asked authors if they had read Joyce's Ulysses. Patrick McCabe (Winterwood), Tom McCarthy (Remainder) and Jon Mcgregor (So Many Ways To Begin) all gave answers. The blog also presented a special feature on graphic novelists Jaime Hernandez, Phillip Dupuy and Charles Berberian. Also mentioned were Seth and Ralph Steadman. Photos of the graphic novel events featuring Jaime, Phillipe and Charles are posted here.

The Torontoist did a great job of covering the festival throughout and ran a excellent feature on self-described ‘cartoonist' Jaime Hernandez (Ghost of Hoppers, Locas and the forthcoming Maggie the Mechanic) as part of their IFOA coverage. Toronto's Eye Magazine also made the Love and Rockets author their cover story and the interview is availble online. Jaime was interviewed by filmmaker Jerry Ciccoritti on Saturday October 21 for the festival.

On Thursday October 26 Inkstuds posted on the irrepressible author and illustrator Ralph Steadman. Ralph ‘read' (he actually showed slides of his work) at the festival on Friday October 27 and was interviewed by Ben McNally manager of Nicholas Hoare in Toronto on Saturday October 28. You can hear the Inkstuds podcast on CiTR.

Ralph was very generous with his time and memories during his stay in Toronto and he did a lot of long, expansive media interviews, so expect more updates soon.

It is perhaps no surprise that Ralph Steadman was included in The Torontoist's list of the 5 Hot Tickets for the IFOA, but I was also really happy to see debut novelist Tom McCarthy, author of Remainder and Tintin and The Secret of Literature, in their selection. Tom was part of a roundtable discussion with Caroline Adderson, Eden Robinson and Timothy Taylor on Thursday October 26 and read from Remainder on Friday October 27 in the company of Clifford Chase, author of Winkie, Ralph Steadman, and Patrick McCabe.

The Torontoist also interviewed Tom McCarthy during the festival and Monique posted about the online reviews for Remainder last week on the Raincoast blog.

You can also read my very long, slightly nerdy interview with the Tom here. Tom is smart as a whip by the way.

Katherine at BlogTO added to her excellent book coverage and produced some wonderful podcasts from the IFOA. Her interviews included Tom McCarthy and Jon McGregor. Both interviews really are terrific (you can also her talk to Clifford Chase, author of the excellent Winkie, and Booker Prize winner Kiran Desai as part of the same podcasts) and they definitely worth downloading.

The IFOA blog also mentioned (way back in August!), of course, that So Many Ways to begin was long-listed for the Booker Prize. It didn't go on to win unfortunately, but don't let that put you off what is a beautiful book by an exceptionally talented young author. August seems like such a long time ago ...


On November 03, 2006 at 10:29 AM, Dan said:

Just a quick update - The Quill and Quire also have photos of Jaime Hernandez, Phillipe Dupuy and Charles Berberian, and Seth in their events photo section:


They also have A LOT of pictures from the IFOA parties which makes you wonder how many actual READINGS they attended….?


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