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Articles by Dan

Charles Simic is the New U.S. Poet Laureate

by Dan
News / August 02, 2007

Congratulations to Pulitzer Prize winning poet Charles Simic on becoming the 15th U.S. Poet Laureate today!

The New York Times reports:

James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress, will announce Mr. Simic's appointment. Mr. Billington said he chose Mr. Simic from a short list of 15 poets because of "the rather stunning and original quality of his poetry," adding: "He's very hard to describe, and that's a great tribute to him. His poems have a sequence that you encounter in dreams, and therefore they have a reality that does not correspond to the reality that we perceive with our eyes and ears."

Yugoslavian-born Charles Simic, emigrated to the U.S. in 1954. His collection of poems THE WORLD DOESN'T END won the Pulitzer Prize in 1990 and, like his latest collection of poetry THE VOICE AT 3:00 A.M., it is published by Harcourt, inc. and distributed by Raincoast in Canada.

Guy Kawasaki talks to Moira Gunn

by Dan
July 31, 2007

Tech guru Guy Kawasaki has posted an excellent in-depth interview with Moira Gunn, author of WELCOME TO BIO TECH NATION, on his website How to Change the World:

Question: Just how pervasive is biotech in our everyday lives?

Answer: Today, one third of the world's economy is driven by biotech. I was shocked to learn that, but think about it: There's the big pharmaceuticals, there's what we usually think of as biotech R&D and their start-ups, there's genetically-modified agriculture, there's the new biofuels like ethanol, there's manufacturing processes, there's bio-defense, and the list goes on. The growth potential in these industries can all be attributed to biotech.


Click here for the whole interview

Parenting Beyond Belief - Newsweek

by Dan
July 10, 2007

Dale McGowan's PARENTING YOUR PARENTS: ON RAISING ETHICAL, CARING KIDS WITHOUT RELIGION is review by Lisa Miller over at Newsweek online:

"Parenting Beyond Belief,"... aims to help folks who are raising their kids without religion deal with the sticky questions that come up about Santa Claus and heaven, and it raises more serious concerns about how to bring up ethical, confident, nonbelieving kids in a culture saturated with talk about God--Parents on both sides of the culture war will find this book a compelling read.

Click here for the full review

Click here for the Parenting Beyond Belief website

Parenting Your Complex Child - Education Review

by Dan
July 06, 2007

Andrena Lockley, an Education Coordinator at the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region (Ontario), has reviewed Peggy Lou Morgan's PARENTING YOUR COMPLEX CHILD for the Education Review journal:

Morgan is the parent of 23 year old man named Billy Ray, who has autism, down syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as bi- polar disorder. The combination has brought about unique and complicated hurdles for the family to overcome. She writes of the successes, setbacks and frustrations of the family in a way that only a parent could--This is not the first parenting advice book of its kind. Others have outlined their experiences, offered suggestions and advice based on the lessons they have learned, but somehow Morgan manages to do all this in an easy to read manner that is neither preachy nor all knowing. She does well at presenting other perspectives, all the while keeping the child at the centre of her discussion. In addition to her own advice she offers outside sources such as books and websites throughout. This is a must read for any parent, care provider or educator of a child with multiple disabilities.

Click here for the full review (NB you will have to scroll down to find it!)

Click here for Peggy Lou Morgan's website

Beyond Buzz and How to Change the World

by Dan
July 06, 2007

Lois Kelly, author of BEYOND BUZZ: THE NEXT GENERATION OF WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING, explains the types of stories that get people talking on Guy Kawasaki's blog How to Change the World. As the entrepreneurial evangelist Mr Kawasaki, author of Art of the Start and Rules for Revolutionaries, says:

If you're pitching your company to investors, customers, partners, journalists, vendors, or employees and you don't use at least one of these types of stories, you probably have a problem.

He even sets you some homework:

Here's a good exercise for your team: Have it read this posting and then answer the question: What story line does our marketing currently use? Then, if you're brave enough, ask the question: What story line should our marketing use?

Click here for Lois's explanation

Ted Kerasote’s Website

by Dan
July 04, 2007

Ted Kerasote, author of MERLE'S DOOR: LESSONS FROM A FREETHINKING DOG, has posted a host of pictures of the eponymous Merle, a half-wild Labrador mix, on his website. Ted has even made the pictures available as a slide-show with Merle's favourite tune as accompaniment - but be warned - it's a super-sobber--

If you'd like to find out more about the author - Harcourt, the publishers of MERLE'S DOOR, have also posted an interview with Ted Kerasote.

Click here for the pictures of Merle

Click here for the slide-show

Click here for the Harcourt interview with Ted Kerasote

Republic of Pirates - CBC Radio Noon

by Dan
July 03, 2007

Colin Woodard, author of REPUBLIC OF PIRATES was in Montreal last week and he dropped by the CBC Radio Noon studio on Friday to take calls from listeners interested in pirates! Arr...!

The show will be archived on the Radio Noon website for a week:

Click here to listen to part one

Click here to listen to part two

Tintin and the Secret of Literature - The Elegant Variation

by Dan
July 03, 2007

Mark Sarvas has an interesting post about Tom McCarthy's book TINTIN AND THE SECRET OF LITERATURE on The Elegant Variation Blog. Mark asks Richard Nash, publisher at the extraordinary Soft Skull Press, why he acquired the US rights to the book:

One of the things that drives me as a publisher is my curiosity about the world. I publish in order to discover. Tom, from the first page, engendered in me a desire to discover what he had to say about Tintin. To me, this is a world-in-a-grain-of-sand book. Like the Salt book, or that book about the history of barbed wire, or God: A Biography. Also: The utter commitment. Tom commits to the premise of the book like a paratrooper off a helicopter.

Sadly American readers will have to wait until May 2008 before they can read the book. Canadians, on the other hand, can purchase the paperback edition from Granta at their leisure...

Click here for The Elegant Variation interview with Richard Nash

** UPDATE **

Joyce Carol Oates has reviewed Tom McCarthy's novel REMAINDER for The New York Review of Books!

Rutu Modan - Maisonneuve Interview

by Dan
Graphica / July 03, 2007

Rutu Modan, Israeli author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel EXIT WOUNDS is interviewed by Deborah Ostrovsky for Maisonneuve online:

I wanted to write a story that takes the perspective of everyday life. Art is not for telling your opinions. Art is not good for this. Usually when someone tells you their opinion, it's not very interesting. But almost anyone can tell you about their personal life, and most of the time it will be interesting. I wanted to tell the truth, but I did not want to talk about my opinion of a situation that I am not capable of explaining.

Deborah has also posted a short review of the book and excerpt.

Click here for the Maisonneuve interview

Click here from the Maisonneuve review of EXIT WOUNDS

Gunter Grass - Charlie Rose Interview

by Dan
July 03, 2007

Gunter Grass, author of PEELING THE ONION, was interviewed by Charlie Rose for PBS-TV on Monday night:

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