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Articles by Dan

Beyond Buzz and How to Change the World

by Dan
July 06, 2007

Lois Kelly, author of BEYOND BUZZ: THE NEXT GENERATION OF WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING, explains the types of stories that get people talking on Guy Kawasaki's blog How to Change the World. As the entrepreneurial evangelist Mr Kawasaki, author of Art of the Start and Rules for Revolutionaries, says:

If you're pitching your company to investors, customers, partners, journalists, vendors, or employees and you don't use at least one of these types of stories, you probably have a problem.

He even sets you some homework:

Here's a good exercise for your team: Have it read this posting and then answer the question: What story line does our marketing currently use? Then, if you're brave enough, ask the question: What story line should our marketing use?

Click here for Lois's explanation

Ted Kerasote’s Website

by Dan
July 04, 2007

Ted Kerasote, author of MERLE'S DOOR: LESSONS FROM A FREETHINKING DOG, has posted a host of pictures of the eponymous Merle, a half-wild Labrador mix, on his website. Ted has even made the pictures available as a slide-show with Merle's favourite tune as accompaniment - but be warned - it's a super-sobber--

If you'd like to find out more about the author - Harcourt, the publishers of MERLE'S DOOR, have also posted an interview with Ted Kerasote.

Click here for the pictures of Merle

Click here for the slide-show

Click here for the Harcourt interview with Ted Kerasote

Republic of Pirates - CBC Radio Noon

by Dan
July 03, 2007

Colin Woodard, author of REPUBLIC OF PIRATES was in Montreal last week and he dropped by the CBC Radio Noon studio on Friday to take calls from listeners interested in pirates! Arr...!

The show will be archived on the Radio Noon website for a week:

Click here to listen to part one

Click here to listen to part two

Tintin and the Secret of Literature - The Elegant Variation

by Dan
July 03, 2007

Mark Sarvas has an interesting post about Tom McCarthy's book TINTIN AND THE SECRET OF LITERATURE on The Elegant Variation Blog. Mark asks Richard Nash, publisher at the extraordinary Soft Skull Press, why he acquired the US rights to the book:

One of the things that drives me as a publisher is my curiosity about the world. I publish in order to discover. Tom, from the first page, engendered in me a desire to discover what he had to say about Tintin. To me, this is a world-in-a-grain-of-sand book. Like the Salt book, or that book about the history of barbed wire, or God: A Biography. Also: The utter commitment. Tom commits to the premise of the book like a paratrooper off a helicopter.

Sadly American readers will have to wait until May 2008 before they can read the book. Canadians, on the other hand, can purchase the paperback edition from Granta at their leisure...

Click here for The Elegant Variation interview with Richard Nash

** UPDATE **

Joyce Carol Oates has reviewed Tom McCarthy's novel REMAINDER for The New York Review of Books!

Rutu Modan - Maisonneuve Interview

by Dan
Graphica / July 03, 2007

Rutu Modan, Israeli author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel EXIT WOUNDS is interviewed by Deborah Ostrovsky for Maisonneuve online:

I wanted to write a story that takes the perspective of everyday life. Art is not for telling your opinions. Art is not good for this. Usually when someone tells you their opinion, it's not very interesting. But almost anyone can tell you about their personal life, and most of the time it will be interesting. I wanted to tell the truth, but I did not want to talk about my opinion of a situation that I am not capable of explaining.

Deborah has also posted a short review of the book and excerpt.

Click here for the Maisonneuve interview

Click here from the Maisonneuve review of EXIT WOUNDS

Gunter Grass - Charlie Rose Interview

by Dan
July 03, 2007

Gunter Grass, author of PEELING THE ONION, was interviewed by Charlie Rose for PBS-TV on Monday night:

Nature of Monsters - The Lancette Review

by Dan
Fiction / July 03, 2007

More praise for Clare Clark's historical novel THE NATURE OF MONSTERS comes from Alidė Kohlhaas at the Lancette Arts Journal:

If you are someone who makes in part a living by reviewing books, it is a bit risky to state that an author is tops in a specific field because next month a new one may come along and change your mind. Still, I have absolutely no hesitation in claiming here that Clare Clark is a master of the art of historic fiction. Her latest book, The Nature of Monsters, is a breathtakingly audacious novel that, if anything, surpasses her outstanding first novel, The Great Stink. The titles alone capture the very essence of the place and the periods to which she takes us in her stories.

Alidė has also posted an interview with the author she conducted during Clare's recent visit to Toronto:

As every writer has a different way of approaching the writing of a novel, I wondered whether Clark knew in advance where the book will lead her. "My story comes out of my research. My characters come out of my research. They walk out of it. That way they come out of their time. If a book is good, the characters speak to me. They have a voice in which they speak to you. If not, you end up with Dick van Dyke and Mary Poppins."

Click here for the Lancette review of THE NATURE OF MONSTERS

Click here for Lancette interview with Clare Clark

How to Read Freud and Jung

by Dan
June 29, 2007

CBC Radio One Ideas has devoted an entire program to two books from Granta's excellent 'HOW TO READ' series. Ideas host Paul Kennedy interviews Josh Cohen, the author of HOW TO READ FREUD, and in turn David Tacey, the author of HOW TO READ JUNG, to discuss the concept of the 'unconscious' in the work of Freud and Jung.

I particularly enjoyed discovering that there is a Sigmund Freud action figure, but on a deeper level it is a truly fascinating discussion, and it is now available as a podcast from the CBC website.

Click here to listen

In fall, Ideas will also be discussing Richard Holloway's HOW TO READ THE BIBLE. Watch this space!

Fall 07 - Eclectic Closet Preview

by Dan
News / June 26, 2007

Janelle Martin has posted an extensive preview of the the adult titles coming from Raincoast in Fall 2007 on her blog Eclectic Closet.

Janelle has also previewed the new releases from Random House, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and H. B. Fenn. I'm sure there are more to come. How does she find the time?

Click here for the Eclectic Closet's Raincoast preview

Click here for all Janelle's 2007 previews

The Good Eater - The Literary Word Review

by Dan
June 26, 2007

Charlene Martel has posted a great review of THE GOOD EATER, Ron Saxen's account of his struggle to overcome an eating disorder, on her blog The Literary Word:

This book was such a moving memoir. At times I found myself blown away by certain actions, or perhaps more by his honesty and vulnerability in admitting to these things. The reader can't help but feel sense of intimacy with the author as he shares his experiences with us. Binge Eating Disorder is a disease that fills the sufferer with a deep sense of shame and I am so thankful that Ron Saxen was courageous enough to deal with that, provide this incredibly informative book on the subject and let other BED sufferers know they are not alone.

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