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Greenpeace Documentary This Saturday

by monique t
News / September 22, 2006

The World Television Premiere of "Greenpeace: Making a Stand" is on Global Television, Saturday, September 23 at 7 p.m.†

The documentary by Leigh Badgley and Vancouver's Omni Films is based on Rex Weyler's book Greenpeace: The Inside Story (Raincoast 2004).

The documentary follows Rex and Greenpeace's recent expedition in Argentina to preserve 18,000 hectares of forest for the Wichi Indians.

The film includes Greenpeace historical footage and a tribute to friend and colleague Bob Hunter.

Rex Weyler sailed on the first Greenpeace whale campaign in 1975. His documentary footage, as a photographer on several Greenpeace campaigns, is extraordinary. To the left is one of Rex's photos of cameraman Fred Easton on the first day they encountered whalers, June 27, 1975 (photo copyright Rex Weyler).

On that day Greenpeace confronted Russian whalers off the coast of California in John Cormack's fishing boat. They had been on a bit of a goose chase across thousands of square miles of ocean, unsure of whether they'd even encounter the whalers, and suddenly here they were.

Cameraman Fred Easton was down to eight 100-foot rolls of film. About 20 minutes worth. They got in Zodiacs and took photos and film that was then seen around the world. The images of huge factory ships, harpoons and dead whales, drove monumental change in terms of the protection of certain whales and the practices for hunting them.

To read an account of that day and an excerpt from the book, visit The Tyee.

Greenpeace by Rex Weyler.

For more about Rex and to see more great photos visit his website.

And if you're inspired to change your world, check out a new site ChangeEverything.ca.

Start small but think big.

The Pope Debate

by monique t
News / September 21, 2006

On Tuesday, CBC's The Current opened with:

Pope Benedict the 16th issued a personal apology to Muslims for a speech implying Islam was prone to violence.

Currently, in response to the accusations of violence, Islamic extremists fire bombed six churches and a nun was shot dead.

Okay--so that settles that debate.

This is The Current.

Satire subsided to a discussion of the Arar Report and reaction to its findings, but part two returned to the Pope:

- An analysis of his controversial comments about Muslim teachings;
- and a debate about the direction the pope seems to be taking the Catholic church.

One of the interviewees was Joanna Manning, a former nun and the author of several books including her latest The Magdalene Moment: A Vision for a New Christianity (published by Raincoast).

Listen to CBC Part 2 of The Current.

Joanna also responded to the Pope's comments on Canadian politics in a recent Toronto Star article, "Pope should stay out of Canadian politics" (Sep. 15, 2006). Her article is in response to Pope Benedict XVI's instruction to the bishops of Ontario to pressure Catholic politicians to vote against gay marriage.

In fact, it has been secular governments worldwide, often in the teeth of virulent opposition from Catholic and other Christian churches, that historically have upheld the equal rights of women, visible minorities and gays and lesbians.
It was only a few years ago that the Catholic bishops of Quebec apologized for their attempts to force Catholic politicians to oppose women's suffrage in the last century.

The debate goes on.

Joanna Manning will be at Word on the Street this Sunday in Toronto.

Word on the Street Festival This Sunday

by monique t
Events + News / September 20, 2006

THE WORD ON THE STREET FESTIVAL is coming up this Sunday, September 24.

Celebrate the joy of reading at The Word On The Street Book & Magazine Fair.
Vancouver, Calgary, Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax
Check out the website for details in your city.

If you're in Vancouver, there are a couple of highlights below:

Canucks Legends: Vancouver Hockey Heroes chronicles the team's first four decades through 75 player profiles and more than 300 photos. This book (retailing for $50) won't hit bookstores until November, and we're offering a one-time opportunity to get one of only 25 special advance copies, featuring a bookplate signed by Trevor Linden! These books will be sold by donation with all proceeds going to the Canucks Family Education Centre. What's more, Raincoast Books has pledged to match all donations.

WRITING TALKS presented by TheTyee Books.ca
Meet me at the festival: At 12:15 I'm part of a panel discussion on Writing and the Web, Tyee Books website editor Charles Campbell will moderate a panel featuring Steve Zio, author of Hot Springs: A iNovel; SFU Master of Publishing Progam's technology specialist John Maxwell; Raincoast Books' Internet marketing manager Monique Trottier; and Crawford Kilian, Capilano College teacher, blogger and author of Writing for the Web. Presented by The Tyee.

THE WORD UNDER THE STREET presented by Mint Records
Enter the annual Comics Contest, meet Nardwuar the Human Serviette, take an art class with Robin Thompson and a hear a session with the widely acclaimed comics-journalist Joe Sacco (distributed by Raincoast). And of course, peruse dozens of great local comix on display for sale.

For more event highlights visit The Word on the Street website.

One Day Only
11am to 6pm
Sunday September 24, 2006 at Library Square Vancouver
As well as locations in Calgary, Kitchener, Toronto and Halifax

Admission: FREE!

2006 Writers Festivals

by monique t
Events + News / September 18, 2006

There are so many fantastic authors coming to the Canadian writers festivals this year that it's hard to keep track. Here's a list of Raincoast authors and the events they're attending. (Sorted by location and date.)


Wordfest: Banff-Calgary International Writers Festival
October 10-15, 2006
Chester Brown
Monique Trottier


Word On The Street Vancouver
Sunday, September 24, 2006
Dede Crane
Nathan Sellyn
Sherri Magee and Kathy Scalzo
Adam Lewis Schroeder
Monique Trottier

Vancouver International Writers Festival
October 17-22, 2006
Chester Brown
Dede Crane
Patrick McCabe
Jon McGregor
Nathan Sellyn


Thin Air: Winnipeg International Writers Festival
September 17 - 24, 2006
Gregory Scofield


Toronto, Ontario

Word On The Street Toronto
Sunday, September 24, 2006
Katy Hutchison
Joanna Manning

Harbourfront Readings, Toronto (outside of the International Festival of Authors)
Adam Lewis Schroeder (September 2006)

International Festival of Authors, Toronto
October 18-28, 2006
Julie Burtinshaw
Phillipe Dupuy and Charles Berberian
Jaime Hernandez
Patrick McCabe
Tom McCarthy
Jon McGregor
Ralph Steadman

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa International Writers Festival
October 1-7, 2006
Sunday, October 1 @ 4:00 pm
The NEW Science: Super Pills: The Prescription Drugs We Love to Take with Steven Manners

Ottawa International Writers Festival (outside of the Festival)
October 26th
Patrick McCabe

Durham, Ontario

Words Aloud 3: Spoken Word and Storytelling Festival, Durham, Ontario
November 2006
Gregory Scofield

Check Out Word on the Street Vancouver

by monique t
Events + News / September 15, 2006

Vancouver's 12th Annual THE WORD ON THE STREET FESTIVAL is coming up Sunday, September 24.

You should come.

1) It's Canada's favourite annual book and magazine extravaganza.
2) There's something for everyone: books, mags, hockey, wine tours, hip hop, comics, authors ... really there's a lot.
3) It's free.
4) I'll be a there. At 12:15 I'm part of a panel discussion on Writing and the Web, presented by The Tyee.

Here the full event schedule.

12:15 Writing and the Web
How will the Internet affect the book? Will Amazon kill the local bookstore? Will book-scanning projects such as Project Gutenberg and Google Books change our definition of the library? Will the language of Internet communication and cross-platform novels change the nature of writing? Is our commons for civic dialogue being undermined by media fragmentation, or will the specialized interests served by both the Internet and books profit from a grand new synergy that benefits us all? The one thing we know for certain is that the enormous push and pull of the Internet creates an opportunity for lively, contentious discussion.

Tyee Books website editor Charles Campbell will moderate a panel featuring Steve Zio, author of Hot Springs: A iNovel (see p. 29); SFU Master of Publishing Progam's technology specialist John Maxwell; Raincoast Books' Internet marketing manager Monique Trottier; and Crawford Kilian, Capilano College teacher, blogger and author of Writing for the Web. Presented by TheTyeeBooks.ca.

What else do you need to know?

1) There are events for kids, teens, and adults.
2) There are events in French.
3) There are author readings, demonstrations, panels about writing and publishing, musical entertainment, and contests.
4) The WOTS marketplace has more than 150 exhibitors.
5) Free festival guides are available at any Vancouver Starbucks, Lower Mainland public library and at participating bookstores. Or see the event schedule online.
6) The festival is located downtown at the Vancouver Public Library on Sunday, September 24.

More on Iran and the book We Are Iran

by monique t
News / August 30, 2006

Poynteronline writes about We Are Iran by Nasrin Alavi.

Amy Gahran has posted on Poynteronline about the report published by Chatham House on the role of Iran in the Middle East. Chatham House is a leading UK think tank on international affairs. If you visit Poynteronline you'll see the links to download the report and the press release.

The post comments on the report's assessement that the US misapplied power in regards to Iran. The connection to We Are Iran is that Amy has recently started reading the book, which has offered her an insight into Iran and world affairs from the perspective of Iranian bloggers.

The book is blog postings translated from Farsi. Amy offers comments about the book and the power of blogging. It's a good article and an excellent connection between We Are Iran and current affairs.

Note: An excerpt of We Are Iran: The Persian Blogs by Nasrin Alavi is available on The Tyee.

International Festival of Authors Goes Blogging

by monique t
News / August 22, 2006

Toronto's International Festival of Authors has started a blog. It's brand new so please have a look.


Some of the great authors attending the IFOA this year are Patrick McCabe, Jon McGregor and Julie Burtinshaw. Watch for more details about their upcoming books and check out the IFOA website for details on their events: http://www.readings.org

Nobel Prize-Winning Author Admits to Serving in Hilter’s SS

by monique t
News / August 14, 2006

Gunter Grass, author of the The Tin Drum, Crabwalk, and many other works of fiction and nonfiction, announced in an interview Saturday that he served in Hitler's Waffen SS, the combat arm of the Nazis during the Second World War.

The confession has stirred up mixed feelings among historians, reviewers, fans and Grass' biographer. The CBC reports that Gunter "Grass has always been a critic of German society, pushing people to come to terms with their Nazi past. For decades, he has said that he was drafted in 1944 and held as a prisoner of war until 1946."

Although many condemn Grass for keeping the secret for 60 years, there are those like German-Jewish writer Ralph Giordano who've offered support, "What's worse than making a mistake is not coming to terms with it."

GŁnter Grass is one of Germany's most celebrated contemporary writers. Novelist, poet, playwright, essayist and graphic artist, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999. A number of his books have been translated into English and are available in from Harcourt Trade Publishers. See books from Gunter Grass.

Fall Travel

by monique t
August 01, 2006

Don't get jetlagged ... here are some fast facts on travel.

Top Destinations for Outbound Travel from Canada
1. US
2. UK
3. Mexico
4. France
5. Cuba
6. Dominican Republic
7. Germany
8. Italy
9. Netherlands
10. Spain

Other Top Contenders
1. China
2. Hong Kong
3. Japan
4. Australia

Top US States Visited by Canadians
1. New York
2. Florida
3. Washington

Top Canadian Provinces Visited
1. Ontario
2. BC
3. Quebec

Top Canadian Cities Visited
1. Toronto
2. Vancouver
3. Montreal

(Source: Canadian Travel Commission, 2004)

Top Travel Books Coming This Fall
1. A Year of Adventures, "exciting adventures for each week of the year." (Travel Guide avail. August)
2. Empire of the Soul, "Paul William Roberts insightful account of journeys in India." (Travel Writing avail. September)
3. Home As Hotel (Travel Photography avail. September)
4. Costa Rican Spanish (Phrasebooks avail. now)
5. Micronations (Self-proclaimed nations avail. September)

Lonely Planet and Responsible Travel

by monique t
News + Travel / July 31, 2006

As family vacations are in full swing, road trips planned and taken, and fall travel upon us, I'd like to point out the Lonely Planet Responsible Travel section.

Lonely Planet Responsible Travel

Lonely Planet Responsible Travel is about encouraging travellers to think about things like carbon emisions before they travel.

Lonely Planet, for example, recently launched a carbon emissions scheme for offsetting staff and authors flights, and they've included a Climate Change blurb in all Lonely Planet guidebooks. Code Green is another example of Lonely Planet's commitment to responsible travel.

Here's the keyword term to learn for 2006: START (Sustainable Travel And Responsible Tourism), Lonely Planet's name for these activities.

Check out the Lonely Planet website to read more about START, Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler's thoughts on responsible travel, as well as travel tips, the real cost of your next flight, what Lonely Planet is doing to reduce waste in the production and distribution of their books, and The Lonely Planet Foundation, through which Lonely Planet commits 5% of their annual profit to charity partners around the globe.


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